6 features Gran Turismo 5 could have implemented better

Gamersmnt: We, at Gamersmint bring to fore some interesting albeit a bit disappointing facts about Polyphony’s racer which every fan of the franchise should be aware of.

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psb2988d ago

concern for me are the very limited weather tracks and separate damage modelling but when I put these two in front of the vast ocean of features that Gran Turismo 5 offers with, I can't help but laugh at it. GT5 will going to be the best sim ever.

/nuff said

cyborg2988d ago

I do feel for the amount of time taken to develop it, they could have done a few things better ( the implementation of wheel customization, etc)

But, to be honest, as soon as this enter my PS3, I would be acting a like a child for the next few days, distancing myself from the outside world. I know this will surpass all my expectations.

ShinMaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

#1 and 6 both say "wheel customization" on regular cars, which I'm not too bothered by.

Although I thought that getting chrome wheels on my "standard" Eagle Talon would add a nice 60hp or so, lol. /s

Most of the cars that matter are Premium. About 220 of them. And they're good enough for the PS4.
Do people really think that "standard" cars are simply copy-pasted from PS2???
They would look a lot worse than this:
But they don't.

HolyOrangeCows2988d ago



Masterchef20072988d ago

Wow the standard cars look really good

SonyWarrior2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

it dont matter because with high resolution 1080p graphics they look very nice.

Hideo_Kojima2987d ago

Standard cars seem to suck...
I rather not play with any of them.
Will the game force me to use them to unlock other premium cars?

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Neckbear2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I can understand some fans disappointment.

Your favorite franchise next sequel takes 5 years to develop.

You have kinda "meh" features, instead of what you wanted (or well, expected) it to be.

Of course you're going to be disappointed with it, and it's completly understandable.

@doG beLIEfs

Now, I must ask, my friend, why bring Forza into the argument?

It's all about Gran Turismo 5 and GT5 alone, focusing on it and its shortcomings (revealed before release, at least.), as well as the disappointment of a few fans who were expecting something else.

Bringing things like "This is disappointing but OMG LOOK AT FORZA ITS WORSE PS3 WINZ LOL" shows nothing more but your lack of being able not only to keep on topic- but rather bash something else for fanboyism and fanboyism alone.

In other words, grow up. Criticism is fine, and it's completly understandable.

Also, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue could be considered a Demo, silly. That's like saying "Vanquish was NOT in development until the demo was released on PSN."

SmokeyMcBear2988d ago

its all subjective really. Looking at just the GT series, does GT5 deliver a vast amount content then previous iterations? Yes. Does GT5 improve upon GT5:prolouge in graphics and driving experience (the only things really to compare a prolouge to a final version)? Definitely. In a way, real GT fans, that have played the series for many years, are getting a game that has trumped the features and content of previous GT games in a huge way. Now when trying to compare the GT games content to the content of comparable games on the market, GT5 also trumps those games by a large margin. Sure GT5 does not have every single piece of content ever created into a single package. If people were expecting this, then they will indeed be disappointed. GT fans that have been playing the games, buying the prolouges, are more than happy with what has been presented, believe me.

doG_beLIEfs2988d ago

Because Forza 3 is a racing game that got coddled by reviewers and NONE of the shortcomings of the game were pointed out any where near the level of GT5. (which in my opinion has very little shortcomings)

I was pointing out yet again the clear double standard used for PS3 exclusives over 360 exclusives.....there were many, many omitted features left out of Forza 3 yet NONE of the reviewers that I read pointed any of them out. Now we have GT5 which is not even out yet, has a boatload of features NOT in Forza 3....yet we get this nit picky crap from childlike gaming sites.


So again, the proof is in the pudding ladies...NO 360 exclusive game gets held under the microscope like PS3 exclusive games....and EVERYONE knows this whether they admit it or not.

That is why I believe that my first post that was deemed off topic was NOT off topic at all.

GT fans are NOT disappointed with GT5...real GT fans anyway....only butthurt Forza 3 fanboys that WISHED Forza 3 had ANY of the features that I listed that GT5 DOES have.

doG_beLIEfs2988d ago ShowReplies(4)
doG_beLIEfs2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Work on GT5 did NOT begin until AFTER GT5 prologue....and that game came out in 2008.

GT5P cars had only 250k polygons and a different physics engine.

GT5 cars have 500k polygons with a BRAND NEW physics engine.

The EARLIEST indication from PD on the beginning of work on GT5 was late 2007.


You are full of you know what and you know it.

SonyWarrior2988d ago

GT5 PROLOGUE is exactly that its a PROLOGUE OF GT5 go look up the meaning of prologue.. so yes gt5 was in development for 5 almost 6 years. and the earliest indication that PD was making GT5 was in 2005 E3 when they shot a trailor for grand tursimo on PS3.... GT HD and prologues are all gt5 just early builds....

The Maxx2988d ago ShowReplies(3)
Unknow_Master2988d ago

and they use it well

iPad2988d ago

360 fanboys are scared of GT5.

cvflyboy2988d ago

Just got off gt planet and I have confirmation from the guy who been putting up pics and videos of GT5, and it looks like he doesn't have the the final copy of the game!!! so all the damage and and leaked game play is not from the final build... I REPEAT NOT FROM THE FINAL RETAIL BUILD... So all you you fake journalist talking mess of GT5 and XBOTS.... all your opinions are based on a preview copy of GT5.... He only got yo level 17 and was shown the the end credits.... GT1 isn't even that short... FOLLOW THE LINK, read and continue to the next page (his name is RDK)

Cyrax_872988d ago

^you should submit that as news.

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ArcFatalix2988d ago

GT5 needed more time but still it has too many features

despair2988d ago

No game is perfect and these are legit issues, but this will be as close as we get to perfection in a racing game for this generation, PS4 version Gran Turismo will be the next benchmark probably.

I'd be glad if they are harder on GT5 than other racers as it will only push the developers to make something even better, that said credit should go where it is due and the enormity of what PD has done with what I've seen of GT5 should be recognised for what it is, incredible.

raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I expect GT6 to be a PS3 game.


I cant take any article dissing GT5 seriously, because they havent played the game and dont know the rationale behind each gameplay decision.

saint_john_paul_ii2988d ago

GT6 will come to PS3 and will have a higher premium Car count.

just like GT1 to GT2 and GT3 to GT4.

Otheros002988d ago

The fear is strong in this article.

Neckbear2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Ironically, you seem to be so unconfident about this game, you intend to just dish out valid complaints with "hurr teh fearz lolz".

And without a tangible reason, to boot.

The Maxx2988d ago

Not too mention the author says

"all set to take the crown of being the ”definitive racing game” of this generation."

Hey Otheros00 why don't you read the article so you know what you are responding too.

Raendom2988d ago

Thur's a snake in my boot!

Dee_912988d ago

even with those poiintless " limitations " you speak of GT 5 still does 10x as much as forza
gtfo troll

Dante1122988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Check this out.

It appears as if Tekken90, RDK don't have the full retail version after all or that GT5's gonna have a day 1 patch with features.

And the plot thickens....

visualb2988d ago

you know what this means?!

a lot of people are probably playing the game without the "game opening update"

which makes sense, considering they were probably quite aware of leaks....

NBT912988d ago

Obviously not a patch, what about offline players who couldn't get it? But yes it could be review / preview copies

Dee_912988d ago

last week but no one listened

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