Look out! It’s a DC Universe Online information and media explosion!

El33tonline writes:

"DC Universe Online, an amazing looking massively multiplayer online (action) game from Sony Online Entertainment, is shaping up incredibly well, and it looks as though the developers will be taking full advantage of the game’s unfortunate delay and upcoming online beta.

El33tonline recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit Sony Online Entertainment’s offices in Austin, Texas to get hands-on impressions with DC Universe Online, quiz some of the developers, and find out about this massive undertaking currently on-the-go at the studio."

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despair2987d ago

very good preview here, really looking forward to this game, and really hoping I get into the PS3 Beta...

twdll2982d ago

This is the one game that Ive been waiting for. I can only hope that the gameplay is as good as the story is. If you have not seen the story then you NEED to check it out Pronto.