Top 5 coolest game recreations in LBP2 Beta

PSBeyond brings you top 5 game recreations from Little Big Planet 2 to get us all pumped up for the January 18th release.

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HeavenlySnipes2988d ago

the Sonic one could actually turn oput to be a replica of the classic 2d sonic games.

metsgaming2988d ago

I like the top gun one the best out of those. Hoefully the move could be used with the sniper one, that would be cool but isnt it mainly for creations?

BryanBegins2988d ago

I think creators have access to the sixaxis controls, so I hope they have full access to the Move as well. That would be awesome, I'm sure a lot of guys would come up with really imaginative ideas to use the Move.

Simco8762988d ago

Endless possibilities with this game... I won't be getting it, but it looks like an amazing experience

LiViNgLeGaCY2988d ago

Lol, I thought that sounded kind of funny also.

Immortal3212988d ago

you scared you might like it?

gtsentry2988d ago

agreed,but then reread it and realized i shouldve disagreed

xtremeimport2988d ago

this stuff is amazing. so cool what people come up with.

bananlol2988d ago

The first one always intrigued me, but the lack of the ability to map buttons always hindered my creativity, but that problem is no more:D