Community Voice #20: Who’s PlayStation’s “Mascot”? wants to hear from you! Who's PlayStation's Mascot? Nintendo obviously has one but does Sony? Community Voice is your weekly chance to make yourself heard on Spawn Kill. They want to hear from readers of the site, so let them know your opinions on the topics every week.

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dwightmccarthy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Got to go with Kratos on this one but really no company has a mascot like Nintendo does. Mario has worldwide appeal and everyone knows Mario even if they don't game. I don't think any other gaming console has anything close to that. SEGA would be the closest with Sonic but they dont make consoles anymore so...

ConanOBrien2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


darthv722983d ago

During the PS1 days, I thought it was Crash. Why he wasnt given the royal treatment is up to Sony.

I know Kratos could be but he wasnt there from the beginning. Forget Rachet or Jak or Sly. My vote is on the GT car.

That series defined the playstation as a brand. Other racers dare to compare but this is the game/series that made the PS what it is.

Moentjers2983d ago

it's just a pity that all hate started when microsoft joined the console market and had to play the 'bash the others to hide ours is worse' card after the dumping of the xbox and the rrod debacle on the 360.

bnaked2983d ago

Sony has more than one mascot..

Sackboy, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Solid Snake, Helghast, ...

turtiturt2983d ago

good old crash bandicoot back in the days

darthv722983d ago

I'd say a mascot would had to have been there from the PS1 days.

It should also be synonymous with the system. Snake is one of a few mascots of konami. Not sony. Sackboy I could see becoming the mascot but kratos has been around longer. The one that really says playstation when you hear the name is.....

Gran Turismo.

Nobody said a mascot had to be a single thing.

HeavenlySnipes2983d ago

we got a team. We're like the Miami Heat of the 3 consoles allstar starting lineup with Kratos, Nathan Drake, Cole, Hale(RIP), Sly, Ratchet and Clank and Sackboy is a beast on the inside.

Xbox is like the Dallas Mavericks (all hype but never deliver year after year) and Nintendo is the Lakers (we have to give it to them for racking all those sales from launch)

Shok2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

^This man right here is spot-on. Great analogy.

BattleAxe2983d ago

The PS3 is no one trick pony like the competition:

Nathan Hale

Nathan Drake


The Helgast

Old Snake

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electricshadow2983d ago

That's the beauty of PlayStation. It doesn't have a single mascot. While some people might think of that the PS3 has some sort of "identity crisis", I don't think that at all. The PS3 has so many exclusives and characters to choose from. Sure, some may pick Kratos, some might pick Sack Boy, but they're all right. There's choice.

LF912983d ago

great comment, i was trying to think how to write that but you did it better. +bubbs

Drachaus2983d ago

You forgot Kevin Butler.

CrzyFooL2983d ago

An in game character - unless they made a KB game . . . which I would totally play.

Kevin Butler vs. The World = SOLD!!

Balt 2983d ago

Sadly, I couldn't tell you. I think Sony became so in love with itself around the height of PS2's success it didn't feel it needed a mascot flagship selling its units.

I think they're wrong. I think headliners in gaming made things interesting. Mario and Sonic battling it out at the registers was what made gaming fun while not gaming back in the day. Gaming has become too serious and too lucrative to ever go back to its innocence and that, to me, is kind of sad.

Gue12983d ago

I was wondering why most japanese users on PSN had a strange white cat as their avatar and now it turns out that the cat is Sony's macot in Japan? Wow, I've been a Sony fan for so many years and it is now in 2010 when I found about this. lol

Handsome_Devil2983d ago


"PlayStation/PocketStati on

It first appeared in July 1999 as the main character (chatterbot) in the video game Doko Demo Issyo (also written as Doko Demo Issho, meaning "Together everywhere") on the Sony PlayStation, and included support for the PocketStation produced by the same company.

PlayStation 2

Toro also appears in the PlayStation 2 video game Ape Escape Million Monkeys by SCE.

PlayStation Portable

In December 2004, Dokodemo Issho was released on the PSP, a free demo being available in the Japanese PlayStation Store.

PlayStation 3

Toro also stars in the PlayStation 3 title Mainichi Issho ("Everyday together"), a talk show-like game where Toro delivers daily news together with Kuro, his black cat neighbor. The "ToroStation" show is a pun on the PlayStation series. Players can also answer trivia questions to win game money (Myale) and prizes such as furniture to decorate Toro's in-game apartment. An online IQ versus test game is also possible. Mainichi Issho is available free of charge download in the Japanese PlayStation Store only. More recently, Toro appeared as a playable character in long-running golf series, Minna No Golf (Hot Shots Golf in USA, Everybody's Golf in UK.) A Toro costume is also available as a downloadable costume in the game LittleBigPlanet. Toro also appears as a costume in the PlayStation 3 game Tales of Graces F.[2]"

CrzyFooL2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Solid Snake?
A Nissan Skyline!?

Edit: A Talking Nissan Skyline!! Voiced by Owen Wilson!! Yeah!! :-p

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