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"Ezio's Roman holiday is a joyous and gorgeous addition to a quality series."

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DasBunker2987d ago

this is one of the overrated milked turd franchises along with COD.. yearly releases with a few tweaks and boring gameplay.. inb4 added MP is teh asauce.

xYLeinen2987d ago

well, if you think the gameplay is boring, then this franchise is not for you and has nothing to do with the "milking" you claim.

Assassin's Creed tells a excellent story, the first assassin's creed being one of the best stories this gen.

DasBunker2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

me thinking its boring doesnt change the fact that its milked :).


yeah thats what COD fans say.. "buh.. buh.. but nu perckz and maps an dat dere zomvie moude" enhances to teh max.

captain-obvious2987d ago

the main reason i didn't buy AC2 is because there is no Altair
it looks like its going to be the same thing this time
im getting this used

dont get me wrong its just Altair is the real thing and the game wont feel th same to me without him

Eamon2987d ago

Milked? There's only two main entries in this series.

Please move on.

ElementX2987d ago

Milked? Just because there was an AC game last year? Brotherhood is a lot better than AC2. It's not like COD where there are minimal improvements with the same game engine and low res textures... Brotherhood incorporates numerous improvements and gameplay enhancements over AC2

Simco8762987d ago

You could say that about any game nowadays dude.

Call of Duty
EA games (Tiger Woods/NCAA/Madden)

Being the biggest examples

tmoss7262987d ago

There's only been 3 games, how is this milked....?

DasBunker2987d ago

yearly release? wait for next year AC3 with slightly updated rooster and 2 new perks and overpriced DLC.

gamingisnotacrime2987d ago

-the engine wont change much (only PS3 exclusives are making the huge leaps from one installment to the next)
-the story is one of the best this gen
-the quality of the games is improving significantly
-i will wait for a price drop and buy for cheap :) meanwhile GT5 and New Vegas own my PS3

Dont want it, dont buy it. the rest o us are going to have our fun

militant072987d ago

I have played this game for like 3 days since it sold here early
and i find it excellent game, best assassins creed ever.

and the multiplayer was unexpectedly good

cochise3132987d ago

I think i'll pass on this for now. I'll wait till it drops to $30 like AC2 did.

gamingisnotacrime2987d ago

and you know it will happen within the first 6 months :)

cochise3132987d ago

Yeah it will. i just did it with Enslaved also. I got it for $25 brand new on amazon. So this will be a steal in March maybe.

despair2987d ago

8-9 scores and the ridiculous 10 from eurogamer, what I expected, its a good game with improvements over AC2 but doesn't do very much to make itself the leaps and bounds better AC2 was from AC1.

Swiftfox2987d ago

You stated in a previous comment that you didn't enjoy Assassin's Creed 2.

To you, minor improvments to AC2 are irrelivant since you didn't enjoy the whole of the game that was AC2.

What may help you is if you sit and nail down why you didn't enjoy AC2 and wait until those issues pass over or are changed. Or perhaps you are simply not into the franchise and if that's the case I suggest you look into something that you would enjoy. Perhaps a different type of stealth game: Splinter Cell: Conviction or maybe the overlooked Tenchu Z both on the Xbox 360. Perhaps you might also enjoy Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3 or the Theif series on the PC. I suggest looking into just Theif or Theif 2 if you go that way though.

There are many more stealth games out there should you care to venture and have a look. If Brotherhood doesn't tickle you then pass, plenty of other great games to choose from. =)

despair2987d ago

I didn't like AC2 as much as critic and people who claimed it was amazing, it was good but nothing incredible to me with a lot of problems, whether its design choice by the developers or minor glitches, and nowhere can you give a perfect score to a game that has problems like every other review said other than Eurogamer so thats why I called perfect 10 score ridiculous.

Also you don't rate a game on the people who liked the last one but on its merit with the previous game as your baseline when its so closely tied to to each other, well at least thats how I see it.

The average scores are 8-9 and that's very good for any game so whats the problem there. Plus as someone who kinda enjoyed the previous title I did not elaborate in my previous comments on what I didn't and did like because it would be too long.

Basically I really liked the concept and who doesn't want to play as a badass assassin with the coolest swagger in all of gaming. But the things like not auto holding when dropping ledges, battle problems, some of the missions, glitches in gameplay and a few other things made me enjoy it a lot less than I would've. So i know exactly why I had problems with the previous title.

Seems like they did not fix most of what I wanted them to and so its a bit of a disappointment to me. It probably deserves its high scores but to me I was expecting more.

Oh and I am a huge stealth game fan, every single title you called, except tenchu, plus many others I have already played and beaten. Just because I did not enjoy AC2 as much as some people does not mean I don't like some of the gameplay elements, as a fan of gaming and a big fan of Stealth games I enjoy a wide variety of developer's takes on the stealth genre, but why should I only critique or comment on the ones that I like?

Swiftfox2987d ago

Never said you couldn't critique or comment on the ones that you didn't like I was just hoping for more flushed out explination and that's what you gave me =D

It's easy enough for people to say they don't like something but it's hard for most to truly understand why they don't like something and give tangable reasons. I've seen your other comments stating you didn't enjoy it as much as others but never saw a explination for your point of view and that's more important that simply saying you disagree, to me anyway.

Also I wouldn't read to much into the numerical/alphabetic rating systems. It's a flawed system and you can't really hope to express personal value you have in a title with a simple number. They are a convinience for the thick and shouldn't be held higher than that. What matters is you read the reveiws and you noticed the common consensise that the reviewers had with the faults *thumbs up* Kudos =) there honestly should be more gamers that do what you do in that regard. That's what people are supposed to do.

Without knowing why you didn't like the game I made a suggestion and for that I appologize if I offended. Be fair you didn't give me much to work with, but hey now I know..."And know is half the..." etc etc.

Thanks for the reply by the way, it so easy for most not to bother. Happy gaming.

despair2986d ago

no problem man, usually on these forums you have to be both defensive and aggressive with the usual fanboys trying to attack you, but yea scores are just arbitrary the review content is what should hold people's interest.

I use reviews from quite a few sites to get a proper picture of what the games are offering for me and usually from the written/video review you can extrapolate if the numbered/lettered score matches which was written/said.

I see what you're saying with me not giving reasons or proper explanations on my position on AC2 so no fault there on your part. Still I just wish they would just make the game that would be hailed as the assassin/stealth game of the generation that all other assassin/stealth games are compared to, not half ass it with minor improvement or even only a few big changes. Give me the massive difference that AC1 and AC2 had in all departments(quality, gameplay, graphics etc.) Thats why I'm disappointed.

I mean look at Uncharted 1 and 2 the games are pretty much the same type but the gameplay difference between the two surprised me. Same is looking for Infamous 1 and 2, LBP 1 and 2 and maybe even Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Why couldn't Assassin's Creed be the same way.

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