Activision Confirms It's Looking to Sell Off Bizarre Creations

Earlier today, rumors quickly spread across the web proclaiming the death of Bizarre Creations. As it turns out, the U.K. developer's shut down is not imminent. In fact, Activision is considering a number of options, including a sale, the publisher told IndustryGamers.

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TOO PAWNED2989d ago

MS should buy them, they worked for years with them.
I would like to see Sony do it but that is a bit unrealistic.

donniebaseball2989d ago

I agree about MS, it would be good to put Bizarre back on the Project Gotham franchise

supremacy2989d ago

could buy these guys out, reality of the matter is sony has a few studios which make racing games already.

i mean...motorstorm


wipeout ect..

Buying these guys would be like adding another piece nothing more nothing less.