Kinect – a step too far for targeted advertising?

Which? Convo: You’ve just popped a camera into your living room. It knows what you look like, your sex and age – how would you feel if this data was used for targeted advertising? Microsoft’s Kinect could take up the challenge.

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ComboBreaker2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

You tolerate the ads even though you paid already.
You tolerate the price hike even though there's ads.

Now, will you tolerate Micrososft using Kinect to use you for adverstising?

Yes. You will. You will because you have no choice.

Smootherkuzz2990d ago

You are on cameras when you go outside you door anyway,so why would it be any different in you home? We have people with cell phones taking pictures in you home,web cams etc....the list goes have look and be good all the time(lol).What I don't like is being run over with adds from companies trying to make a buck at my expense like the cable company making me pay for time to see those adds that I wish not see and don,t give 2 s-its about but being charged to watch or don,t watch(what a scam).