Black Ops Gamers Launch War Against Cheaters

Cheating is nothing new and has always been the red headed step child of gaming. While it won't be going away anytime soon, there is a constant battle that is being waged against these dark horses. Often times the end result is an in-game leaderboard that everyone knows has cheaters and boosters at the very top.

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lostinplace2990d ago

Better not cheat or Booster Busters will getcha!

MrMccormo2990d ago

CoD will always be full of hackers/glitchers/cheaters as long as:

1. the average player age continues to be 15
2. Activision continues to allow any and all glitches into the retail release as long as the game makes deadline

D4RkNIKON2990d ago

Yeah, I WISH Treyarch would take the Bungie route and ban/ reset scores of cheaters.

xxxAnubisxxx2990d ago

Yeah, Bungie usually gets these types of things right

BubbleSystemSuck2990d ago

"funny" thing he is cheating since 2009 or more.. search by his gamertag on youtube

xxxAnubisxxx2990d ago

Exactly. People like this ruin these types of games.... Absolutely ridiculous. Hilarious videos, though!!!

Rusty_Old_Nails2990d ago

well lets hope they are taken off the leader board :))

KillerPwned2990d ago

I don`t have the game yet but ill get it for PS3 is their a report feature built into the game so you can easily report people?

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