Microsoft: 1080p Doesn't Matter

While certainly not an unbiased source, Andre Vrignaud of Microsoft makes the argument that having 1080p output, possible on the PS3, just doesn't matter yet. Games, he says, will mostly be made for the 720p resolution and that 1080i signals are indistinguishable from 1080p. More inside...

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shoota335385d ago

Ms is just jealous because their console does not support 1080p.

Optimus Prime5385d ago

gametime, do you have a tv that supports 1080p. just wondering

shotty5385d ago

This is why sony fails. They hype stuff up beyond what it actually worth. Look at Blu-ray they claimed it will murder HD-DVD, guess what HD-DVD is outselling Blu-ray near 10 fold. E3 2005 sony claimed the ps3 was 2X the power as the xbox 360 even though the xbox 360 specs were only announced a day before sony proclaimed this value. Now come E3 2006 the ps3 games look nowhere near 2X better than the xbox 360, the games struggle to keep up with the xbox 360 games that were shown.

Trust me when I say, sony's customers are the ones that don't know any better, they just take sony's word on it and buy it. It's like going to a car dealership and hearing the dealer boast about their cars and how they are better than all the competition and you immediatly buy it. The next day you try out your friends car (which is a competitor's brand) and you find out it's just as good if not better than what you have and your friend got it for nearly half the price you paid for. Now who looks stupied.

E Man5385d ago

Game time doesnt really need to post because we all know what he feels about anything involving MS. By the way, I bet he went out and spent 20 grand on two 1080p TVs when after E3 05.

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The story is too old to be commented.