XXLGaming | Apache Air Assault Review

XXLGaming writes, "Gaijin Studios, known for their flight sim expertise, brings us an outstanding helicopter simulation with Apache Air Assault. While it will not compete with the likes of major titles like Call of Duty it is still a title that any fan of air combat games should check out."

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earbus2982d ago

enjoyed the demo when u go night vision it looks like the youtube vids of real attacks in afganistan and iraq last game i get this year.

wenaldy2982d ago

Hahaha, me too... But the graphics kinda sub-par tho...

Balt 2982d ago

I wanted to like it, but played it on the Ps3 and well we all know how their ports are. I did have some satisfaction with the pop of the guns and blowing things up. I just don't think it's a game worth the retail price. Most games aren't, though.

kasasensei2982d ago

The demo was great. There is no copter game these days on console. i had no problem with the ps3 demo, sitlab, what are you talking about?

Balt 2981d ago

Nothing. I just said you know how PS3 ports are these days. I don't have an xbox 360 to gauge how much better or worse it was. I did have fun with it just not full retail price fun.

kasasensei2981d ago

Uh ok. I have a 360 but i did not compare the two versions. I had fun, with a friend, for more than 2 hours on the ps3 demo, so i guess it's gonna be ok for this one.^^ And i don't usually buy games full price, anyway. Always searching for a better price and waiting severals weeks or months sometimes to get a unbeatable price. :)

soundslike2981d ago

"Finally you have the Free Flight mode"


Fuck the arcade controls, if there is any value to this game its with the sim set up. I loved loading up empty servers in BF2 just to fly a chopper. I'm guessing these guys did too.