GameZone - Super Quickhook Review

GameZone review Super Quickhook for the iphone/ipod touch. Does this rope swinging hero deserve your download, or should you pass. Check out GameZone's review.

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athmaus3868d ago

intesting reivew, but i am bored of these type sof game

RogueCheddar3868d ago

I'm not sure what you mean by "this type of game;" QuickHook is about as unique as they come. I can't think of a single other game (besides its predecessor) that uses the same mechanics, much less has the same charm and polish, especially on the iPhone. I'd urge you not to dismiss it out of hand or lump it in this or that category.

RogueCheddar3868d ago

Love this game. I gave it a 10 when I reviewed it at the Big Pixels, mostly because I could. And I love it.