Why Criterion Should Take Over the World

GameZone takes a look at a couple of EA franchises that could benefit from a Criterion overhaul, after successfully pulling off Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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InFAMOUS12985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Agreed! Great article.

But screw all those titles! I want Black 2 on next gen hardware with MP support! WOAH.. EA has been foolish not to reboot that game.

EDIT: @ pedrami91- You're right, this is very much an opinion piece... So I will correct myself.. Great OPINION article-piece LOL

No FanS Land2985d ago

I thought the spiritual sequel to black was bodycount?

I could be mistaken though

snoopgg2985d ago

It would be on my list.

pedrami912985d ago


Also, why is this an Article ? this "Article" is oozing with opinion.

narmonteto2985d ago

I'm not sure about that, if a dev is good at racing it should make racing games if a dev is good at fps it should make fps games

snoopgg2985d ago

was good at both. If you played Black back in the day, it was one of the most action filled Fps out on the consoles.

TomFG2985d ago

The "Grand Theft Dead Space" idea reminds me of Carmageddon.

lzim2985d ago

if Criterion could get their meat paws on Carmageddon.. I wonder if Square Enix could court them away from EA...

lzim2985d ago

I'd only agree if they could finally make a proper game.

As in Burnout is nice, without it what are they good for Black? on Xbox and 360? please. Cohesive story or do not try.


Burnout is what made them famous and imo it's the only game they need to make. Black was there first attempt at making an FPS game and it was awesome, but they obviously choose and like to make racing games more than FPS games.

That's like you saying what are PD good for since most of the time they're only making GT titles.

Your argument is flawed so just move along.

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