APB: Official Reloaded As Free To Play Title

Today, GamersFirst confirmed the rumored purchase of APB and its intellectual properties. They also confirmed the restarting of the game,along with the games new label, APB: Reloaded. APB will restart as a free to play title, for gamers who have already purchase the title you can look forward to getting back online in the first half of 2011.

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Myst2983d ago

This is actually pretty cool. Would have been a shame to scrap the game entirely, but now more people can get a chance to play like me! Though the tag has PC and 360, it was only released for PC. Does this mean that 360 will come later? Didn't really see anything in the article so I'm curious if another can confirm or deny this.

Pandamobile2983d ago

Pay no attention to platform tags on N4G. Half the time, irrelevant platforms are tagged.

jay22982d ago

:) that's all I'm saying :). Can't wait having been in the BETA and played this, bring it on.