Microsoft: We'll sell 5 million Kinects in 2010

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has announced that Microsoft expects to have sold 5 million Xbox Kinects by the end of 2010, in line with the company's early predictions

The Kinect for Xbox 360 is a key product for Microsoft, expanding its popular Xbox 360 console into a more family-friendly offering by bringing motion and voice control.

Speaking at the 2010 annual shareholders meeting, Microsoft CEO Ballmer explained that the 1 million landmark announced recently was just the tip of the iceberg.

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ConanOBrien2983d ago

luck for the sake of gaming business industry

WaggleLOL2982d ago Show
8-bit2982d ago

"Microsoft will do just like they have done in the past and flood the retail channel with inventory to make sure they can claim to have reached their sales goal.

They did the same back in the first year of the 360 where they stuffed the retail channel with so many extra 360 consoles to make their '10 million sold' claim that they ended up shipping no new 360 consoles for the entire following quarter because there were still piles of unsold 360s left over from the holidays."

There you go Waggle

Zydake2982d ago

I'm gonna be off topic but..

I'm thinking about getting a 360 any new things coming for it besides Kinect and does it matter what console i pick the 4GB or the 250 GB

Lightsaber2982d ago

Zydake Not sure waht you mean by anything new> there are always new games coming out.

For the 4 gb vs the 250gb well they are the same other then the size of the hdd. You can get by with a 4gb. Personally I'd go with a 250. I have a 20gb thats basically filled from DLC. If you dont play online I guess no reason for a 250 tho.

Zydake2982d ago

Yeah I'll stick with the 250 GB then and but what I meant by new is like new games. I believe Gears 3 is coming out right? I never played a Gears game and was hoping for that one to be my first.

MrMccormo2982d ago

It's a shame that if/when Microsoft reaches this goal, certain gamers will brag and celebrate and claim victory, despite not having a single core Kinect game on the market. Do people even care about gaming anymore, or I guess it becomes all about "teh salez" when your list of upcoming core games is nearly empty.


Microsoft is going to need to sell around 3-4 million copies to at least make up for that marketing budget.

Thugbot1872982d ago

Doesn’t have core games is a bogus claim and only relative to the gamer buy the system. Example: If I only played dance games like Dance Central and wasn’t interested in anything else; the system has enough core games to opt me in. If I’m not then the system doesn’t have games that I want to play so it will be a system I over look a.k.a “doesn’t have games”. Since we are all different the claim of core games is different to each person.

To me the Wii doesn’t have a single what I would consider core game that would cause me to buy the system. So does this mean the Wii has no games, and all the gamers who pick up one no longer cares about gaming and just buy it as a stylish piece of electronic furniture and or fad?

EVILDEAD3602982d ago

To push 1 million units when all the 'supposed' analysts (including *cough* Pach) said the $150 dollar price tag was too much for it to be a success.

As I've always said, all they needed to do was 'deliver' on the product at launch and they pulled it off..

The early adopters got it over the first mill..but the real payday come November 24th thru December 24th.

Once the stand-alone inventory is sold-thru then the bundles will start flying off the shelves and that is the scenario where Kinect can have a dramatic effect on hardware sales this holiday.

Microsft's best fourth quarter was 6 million..if the K-bundles end up being a good percentage of those, then the 5 million will not be an issue

We'll see how it all goes down..


N4Great2982d ago

"Microsoft: We'll sell 5 million Kinects in 2010"

Good for you... gamers don't care.

CombineElite2982d ago

great for shareholders but very useless for CORE 360 gamers.

crazyclown2982d ago

not so great for shareholders when you take into consideration all cost associated with kinect such as marketing, R&D, variable costs, fixed costs, etc..

RIP_Weazel2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

How many bundles have been given away as 'promotion drops'? Do the Oprah, Coke, and Burger King packs get counted amongst the units 'shipped' that MS will doubtless release? I'd bet money they'll get rolled in...

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Ivan Drago IV2982d ago ShowReplies(1)
Omega42982d ago

They will easily make that considering its constantly selling out and I've only started seeing Kinects TV ads in the UK. So its sales can only increase in speed from here on as more people become aware of it.

Clarence2982d ago

I think he meant to say they will ship 5m Kinects in 2010

joydestroy2982d ago

yeah i can see them shipping 5mil, but actually selling 5mil to consumers? nahhh, i don't think so

D4RkNIKON2982d ago

I don't think MS could possibly EVER do anything bad enough to lose Omega's support. It's like this guy lives to promote everything they do. Sad really

shikamaroooo2982d ago

agreed shipped is what he meant

ComboBreaker2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

"I don't think MS could possibly EVER do anything bad enough to lose Omega's support..."

So are you saying that if Microsoft rape Omega's mother, Omega would still support Microsoft?

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Moentjers2982d ago

Only problem is that a lot of people are starting to run far far away from anything with the name "microsoft" on it since the fantastic vista-os they stumped through their throats.

GameOn2982d ago

Note windows 7 sails...

electricshadow2982d ago

Around four million more to sell in a month and a half? Well, that's a lot of Kinects to sell in a short period of time. It'll be interesting to see if Microsoft can sell that many. I'm not a fan of motion controls, but if Kinect sells five million by the end of this year, maybe we'll start seeing more interesting games on it.

Masterchef20072982d ago

Agreed 5 million is a huge number if they said 3 million i would believe them but 5 million that is just way to high

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