Jeff Gordon talks 'Gran Turismo 5'

Gordon Brings NASCAR to Gran Turismo
The new Gran Turismo isn't all countrysides and European cities.

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Ilikegames762983d ago

that all you do in NASCAR is drive left. But there is more to it than that. It'll be interesting to see how GT5 implement this type of racing into the game.

rdgneoz32983d ago

Love the jokes about Nascar. wDhJZo - 5:06 into it.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I notice WRC Fanboys are against Nascar for some reason.

Just search a WRC Video on Youtube, and someone have a comment against Nascar.

I don't understand why.

ShinMaster2983d ago

It's not just WRC fans, lol.

cobraagent2983d ago

thats exactly what I thought. We will see if GT5 changed that

FishCake9T42983d ago

At least they have taken it into consideration.
I love the racing drivers they are working with in this game.
Sebastian Vettel - F1 World Champion
Sebastian Loeb - WRC World Champion
Jeff Gordon - Former NASCAR champion
The Stig.....

djfullshred2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Even oval races in NASCAR can be interesting if you really know what you are watching. It is rather intense for that many cars to be packed into small tracks, driving that close together, going as fast as they are. You really don't get a sense of the speed when watching these kinds of races on TV.

Chubear2983d ago

"You really don't get a sense of the speed when watching these kinds of races on TV"

or even in the stands.

This is part why GTseries have been considered authentic. Others that know nothing abut cars whine about GT not having a sense of speed. These guys have never really been into GT in the first place.

In real life, driving a camry at 80mp on a race track looks very slow at a distance but when in the car you feel different but in GT at least you feel a difference with higher speed vehicles.

Not like some other game calling it's self a sim when you get the same sense of speed from a Geo Metro as you get from a frigen Ferrari. Ridiculous. That's arcade type sense of speed not sim.

visualb2983d ago

anyone that complains GT5 doesn't give a sense of speed is because their only experience of being in a fast car is this:

Immortal3212983d ago

see I'm not going to pay for this game then pay for dlc to get this car, I'm getting the car after purchasing the game.

Sam Fisher2983d ago

it must be very hard for him to turn right, let alone U-turns

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maxcer2983d ago

sweet. i wanted to see him play tho

trounbyfire2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

nascar now and the other races would be best for promoting that part of the game. but sony with their biggest game a week and a half away have not even released a kevin butler ad yet.

WHAT are they waiting for!!!!?

its killing me because I want this game to be the biggest PS3 exclusive ever but sony thinks they can have big games without promoting their games.

don't besurpassed if sales are sluggish as in opening at 1 million.
sony needs GT5 to open at 2- 3 million to make it the biggest PS3 exclusive and sale systems

djfullshred2983d ago

This game has been hyped in articles from media that doesn't even cover games, such as car magazines like Road & Track, and others. This game is going to sell very well even if they don't put out a lot of ads (which I would be surprised if we don't start seeing those too). Motorsports fans who don't have a PS3 will be tempted to buy one just to play this game.

iceman062982d ago

has been part of the GT5 campaign for the last year. They have had demo pods at many races. The last 2 races have featured cars that have been painted with the GT5 logo. GT5 doesn't really NEED a huge campaign to sell. It's already got it's customer base salivating like Pavlov's dogs. Now in terms of NEW customers, they will have the usual day before launch Sony campaign. That's pretty much been the Sony way as of late...unless they are going head up with MS for a multiplat commercial exclusive like Batman AA or AC Brotherhood.

CrzyFooL2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Hasn't been good for YEARS. He fell off back in 2005 - they need to get Jimmy Johnson workin' on GT5.

MajestieBeast2983d ago

I need to buy some vagisil and give my money away to be good at this mode.

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