Rumour: Activision shuts down Bizarre Creations, all 200 employees laid off

Gamingbolt: A user over at NeoGaf forum called KennyLender has posted that Activision has shut down their studio, Bizarre Creations who made games like James Bond: Bloodstone and and many notable racing games in the past.

UPDATE: Several Industry persons have tweeted that this sad news is true. Check article for more

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TrevorPhillips2989d ago

So that means no more Project Gotham Racing :(

Ah well at least we still have Need for Speed HP and Gran Turismo 5 :)

cyborg2989d ago

No, PGR is an IP owned by MS and they are working on finding a new developer for the racing game. Rumour has it that MS is vigourously searching for a studio who can make the next game in the series

ryuzu2989d ago

Really - MS are "vigourously" searching for a dev for PGR? Why don't MS just give it to one of their first party studios to develop?

I mean there's um...well...OK, I see your point.

Too bad about Bizzare - they made MSR & PGR (which was what caused me to buy a 360 all those years ago) and I think there was more that could have been done by them.

Seems like the Bond curse has killed another developer - even Rare couldn't escape it ;)


Inside_out2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Activision just showed the developement community they can not be trusted with anything. Activsion now OWNS all of Bizarre Creatives titles...including galaxy wars.

While Bizarre has struggled with recent titles like The Club, Blur and James Bond, they should of been allowed to go their separate ways if Activision had no interest in them anymore...sad really. This is exactly why a dev shouldn't sell out.... Bizarre has been around since '94...they have nothing now.

I usually defend Activision but this is just a low blow from a very, filthy rich pub. Laying off 200+ people right before Xmas while throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars on promoting a game...Black ops....that everyone knew was going to sell well no matter what...DISCUSTING!!!

Hopefully, M$ will have found there developer for PGR 5 now...that would be a great deal for whatever Bizarre Creations will call themselves now.

Chubear2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Yeah, Bungie really picked good signing a 10yr contract. :s It's going to be impossible to remove the knife lodged firmly in their back by Activision when all is said and done.

lzim2989d ago

@rage Geometry Wars..

oh dear does this mean there won't be another Geometry Wars either? this day couldn't suck more than it already does.

And yes, it does come as a blow to an Activision party member because there's no reason for this senselessness.

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dangert122989d ago

Sad to hear these guys made the best arcade racer in

Metropolis street racer none of there PGR'S beat it

then there shafted by the two most blanted greed corps on console! :(

sdtarm2989d ago


EVILDEAD3602989d ago

Blur is ealily one of the most underrated titles this year...

That's one game that deserved wayyy more sales than it got..

Been playing these guys titles since (LOL) Fur Fighters..

It's a shame they were the unlucky recipients of a non-movie year Bond game..that thing was DOA from jump..critics will give it the passover and consumers are NEVER going to spend 60 dollars on that kind of game in the wake of Call of Duty: Black Ops etc.

But, in this economy, it's kind of understandable for Activision to make this kind of decision.

People are going to cry foul because they hate Bobby and it's the cool internet thing to do..but if you realy keep it real..would you really pay 200 people to continually put out games that don't sell at retail?

But, then again..look what happened to IW..

*says a silent prayer for my homies at Bungie*


mcstorm2989d ago

Its a shame they keep doing this to some of the best companys and games. MS should be quick to jump on the 200 staff though and create a new and much need games studio to create some 1st party games for the 360. Even got them to do pgr5 love those games even have the orignal Msr still for my Dreamcast. The world is getting too full of gready big companys who bleed everyone they take on dry and then leave them to fade away. Fingers crossed this dose not happen to anyone else

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gameseveryday2989d ago

Project Gotham racing is a Microsoft property. They can get it developed by another studio.

Raf1k12989d ago

True but will it be the same?

barom2989d ago

or will it be better?

okay that wasn't cool, best wishes to (former) Bizarre Creations

NYC_Gamer2989d ago

blame the lackluster titles

cyborg2989d ago

Bloodstone was a big flop, tbh after PGR, they went really downhill but it still sucks, 200 people sacked at once, I just wonder how they must be coping with it but I guess Activision had no choice, Black Ops only sold 5 million in 3 days, I am sure giving this studio a chance won't have been financially viable for them.

Yea, what's you looking at me like that? :=\

chadneil1234567892989d ago

Lol I think its 5.7 in one day not 3 but ur right they really didnt have to fire all of em jus like that

Ju2989d ago

Well, you can alway make more by closing the whole, right.


What you expect? Asking for creativity for how to invest the millions made from management when it makes more sense to please shareholders? You'll live in wrong times, man.

TheBrit2989d ago

They weren't even given the chance to make a great game - there wont be any problems with those guys finding work - they are a great development house

orange-skittle2989d ago

Of course they were. They just didnt get any promotion. Activision wanted them to make a great game, but they couldnt deliver. Blood Stone is horrible compared to what's on the market right now. The graphics are bland and the gun fights suck. Plus it's plagued with too many car chases because that's all Bizarre Creations knows how to make. The people look like robots and have no facial expression. Blur wasn't bad, but no one knew what the hell it was.

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