Sex & The Video Gaming Industry

Several recent gaming titles have involved nudity and sex, to the point that games are focusing more time and energy on the sex appeal of a game, rather than the testing and quality assurance. What gives?

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kdogdaddy2983d ago

Too many horndogs buying games based off of what their d**ks tell them.

King-Leonidas2982d ago

like i said before: Any kid has access to porn web sites. But why can´t we grown-ups have it in our games?

DarkSorrow2983d ago

Yes true dat lol. I buy em and then find nude patches 0.o.

kdogdaddy2983d ago

Don't we all, don't we all. *sigh* :)

n to the b2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

really? mod-able t1ts drive significant sales? really, kdog??

also, you offer up "[Duke Nukem] is one title in which we see the correct venues of the games development (gameplay, mechanics, etc.) taking precedence above the overall 'naked chick' factor." but you didn't bother to explain to us WHY Duke's b00bies are done right in comparison to New Vegas.

{{dude thinks he's writing intelligently with sentence starters like "With that said," "And quite frankly," and "It's to the point that..." lol.}}

kdog, I tried to "follow [you] on this" but couldn't find any worthwhile points being made. all I got from your [email protected] article is that 1. sex sells (no sh1t), and 2. you disapprove - unless it's your fave, the Duke. lol.

please don't post any more of your awful writing to n4g.

kdogdaddy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

We appreciate your viewpoint and constructive criticism is just that. :P

In fact you miss our main point entirely. Sex sells and tends to take precedence over several facets of game design and development.

kdogdaddy2982d ago

I'll use my last comment here to say, I really DO appreciate your criticism and viewpoint. Too many people are slighted or offended by the *GASP* shocking fact that individuals on the internet are opinionated. As if they couldnt predict...

With that said, we at SemperCog will continue to work hard at not only the editing and content of our stories, but pleasing our end audience.

n to the b2982d ago

you shouldn't be thanking me, I still meant what I said.

n to the b2982d ago

ok fine, I'll instead say I think there were some serious issues with your article (the ones I mentioned). personally I'd like to see perhaps a little more thought put into the overall structure so that we can really follow where you're going - but that's just 1 man's opinion.

*sigh* had to go and be nice, didn't you?

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