Videogamer: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review

Videogamer: "There was a brief period back in 2007 when the marketing of Assassin's Creed was pretty much being sustained by wheeling producer Jade Raymond onto a stage and having her say something about wall textures. In a sense you could say the game has come into its own since that point, having developed enough credence within the gamer population to not actually require Raymond's lovely Uncanny Valley face to help draw attention to the series. The AC franchise has matured brilliantly since its original title, having more or less perfected the idea of a "living" virtual city, with the inclusion of beggars, guards, prostitutes, thieves, continuous waves of background chatter and fights that break out if you push someone over in a crowd. Outside of the context of the game, such a list would make you think "Oh, Croydon.", but within a game, it only helps to colour the setting with a sense of humanity."

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