Game Informer: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Review

GI: I stride through the cobbled streets of Rome. The Pantheon rises to my left, majestic and ancient. Citizens crowd around me, providing cover as I move closer to my target. He stands speaking to a group of guards, oblivious to the danger stalking him. His role in the conspiracy is a minor one – hardly worth my notice. But he must pay for his crimes against my family, no matter how indirectly he was involved. I raise my hand in signal. The woman I recruited weeks earlier drops from the rooftop where neither I nor anyone else saw her hiding. Her hidden blade cuts deep into his neck, and the man falls before he knows what has happened. A slowly building roar rolls across the crowd as my trainee leaps onto a nearby horse and gallops off. I turn without a word and melt into the crowd.

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