Examiner: The Sly Collection Review (Playstation 3)

Examiner: "Sly Cooper was always the third wheel. When Sony was promoting their “Big 3” platformer mascots during the heyday of the Playstation 2, Cooper was the afterthought in comparison to Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank and Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter. When Ratchet was getting criticized for being annualized without much change and Jak went from hero to open world marketing experiment gone wrong, Sly was producing two spectacular sequels without the support and sales to back it up. By the time the HD era arrived, Jak (actually, Daxter) had been relegated to a PSP spin-off and Ratchet has had two successful PS3 outings. Sly was relegated to the sidelines with barely a mention anywhere. But with the curious (to some) release of The Sly Collection being handed off to Sanzaru Games and Sucker Punch off making Infamous 2 and what appears to be the fourth entry in the Sly series, the time was right to reintroduce the raccoon to the world."

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Achemki2986d ago

A fun, funny stealth platformer package with witty charachters, colorful environments and a slick framerate at half the price and double the gameplay (and trophies) of its closest genre peer? Yes please.

MeatAbstract2986d ago

Good review. Sorry to say I missed out on these games last generation, I was occupied by Jak and Daxter.

While this was good, one line there I didn't agree with.

"While The God Of War Collection - Sony’s first foray into HD remakes – was an excellent effort, it was clearly a relic of a generation gone by."

I didn't think so. Don't forget, many games blatantly use this forumal that God of War perfected, and fail and don't quite live up to it. God of War II is still one of the best, satisfying and well made Hack 'n slash games to date.