Shift 2 avoids GT5, Forza bland graphics - EA

Shift 2: Unleashed producer Marcus Nilsson has said that the follow up to Need for Speed: Shift won't match Forza's 60 frames per second performance, but indicated it will be a far more vibrant game as a result.

In an interview with Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Nilsson was asked if the development team was chasing Forza's 60 FPS performance.

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Shanks2985d ago

Maybe Forza but GT5 too? what the hell is he smoking?

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thematrix12982985d ago

lol how is Forza even in the GT league for comparison? GT is the king of simulators.

kaveti66162985d ago Show
Chubear2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It is so cause gaming sites and PR group responsible for marketing Forza have done a great job of deceiving the general public.

Forza3 doesn't have 1/2 the content of PS2's GT4 but hey, as long as you attach a 9.4 to it, sheep gamers dont' care.

Personally, I'm still stoked and waiting for Huxley. That one will surely crush ANY MMO coming out for consoles... ^--^

Arnon2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I wasn't aware that the amount of content in a game directly corresponds to it's quality.

Also, off-topic, this bubble system is ridiculous.

turgore2985d ago

nah you are just upset because in GT5 you can't change the car's tires.

thematrix12982985d ago

To be honest I don't have 360, and I'm not a fan of that console BUT I don't talk bs and act immature. I only state the fact, some multi-platform games look better on 360 I admit it[it's evident due to lazy developer or $$$]. When you have exclusives that deliver bleeding edge graphic then I will acknowledge that. Be a gamer and tell me if GT5 and Forza are in the same league?

CellularDivinization2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

LOL @ chubear for getting BURNED!!! WAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Nice shot kaveti. If you run out of bubbles, just make a new account. Im on my 5th one I think.

sofocado2985d ago

I Disagree thematrix1298. I think FM 3 is in the GT league.

Korix2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

You seem intelligent, so here's a bubble.
And that's coming from a GT fan, who never had an xbox, or played any Forza game.

More honest, intelligent posts from everyone, please.

Death24942985d ago

Do you not remember how Turn10 kept bashing the hell out of Gran turismo 5 just to get attention from sites? Forgetting the fact that the game totally flopped, Gran Turismo 5 prologue outsold it. Xbox360 is not crappy like some people make it out to be. I love playing Halo: Reach but that the only game it got it for. Well I'm also getting Gears of War 3, but besides that nothing else. I'm getting Gran Turismo, Killzone 3, LBP2, Bleach (if it comes to the states), and more.

bailoutbenny2985d ago

Forza 3 sold 4 million copies at $60 a copy. GT5 Prologue sold just a little more than that at $40 a copy. How is Forza 3 a flop in any way?

RememberThe3572985d ago

The hypocrisy is is astounding. All the hating all of us do in these thread and we have the nerve to call others fanboys.

Half of the people giving Kavit props are the exact type of people he's calling out but since he's not talking about a 360 fanboy they are completely blind to it.

And to the people who think the mods are fanboys? You really have no idea what going on do you? This site is almost completely user run. The mods on this site are usually in the forums or in the other News Boiler sites trying to keep them afloat. I haven't seen a mod in the comment section since the first redesign. If you loss bubbles or get your comment closed it's because of the users not the mods.

nickjkl2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

okay so shift 2 will have better graphics because it runs at 30 fps and not 60 fps

if they dont get better graphics than gran turismo 5 running at near 1080p and at 60 fps then we will know they weren't using even half of what gran turismo 5 used

and at sarcasm

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue = 1080p mode is 1280x1080 (2xAA) in-game while the garage/pit/showrooms are 1920x1080 with no AA. 720p mode is 1280x720 (4xAA)

Forza Motorsport 3 = 1280x720 (2xAA in-game, 4xAA replay & vehicle select)

Sarcasm2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Forza 3


You be the judge. Taking things back in time a bit, famed 360 fanboy cookiegaki thought the Forza 3 screen was a Wii racer. LMAO who remembers that?


"Forza 3 sold 4 million copies at $60 a copy. GT5 Prologue sold just a little more than that at $40 a copy. How is Forza 3 a flop in any way? "

Forza 3 is a full two disc title. GT5P is a "demo" according to 360 fanboys. And to be clear, GT5P is almost at 5 million sold. Doesn't it suck to be outsold by a "demo"?

bailoutbenny2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I don't care whether GT5P is a "demo" or not, to call Forza 3 a flop when it has sold over 4 million copies is just ludicrous and that was my point.

Turn10 is probably pretty proud of themselves bringing out a racing sim that effectively competes with the most well known and pedigreed racing sim on the market in a very short timespan. I assume that better than 70% of the people who will purchase GT5 bought GT5P. That doesn't leave much more room to grow for the full GT5 game, probably about 6 million after just over a year of sales, maybe more or maybe less. The fact that Forza 3 did 85%-90% of GT5P's sales is pretty good from Turn10's point of view. Doing 70% of GT5's potential sales is a huge victory for them.

Dee_912984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

lol jk

but i guess by "bland" he means realistic lol
so i guess shift 2 look cartoony just like shift 1
although they had good smoke effects

Dee_912984d ago

lol where are you getting these crazy percentages from ?

RedDead2984d ago Show
Kleptic2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )


I see what you were initially saying...but you can't now back track to defend Turn 10 saying 'they are probably happy to release a game that 'competes' with the GT franchise'...

Save that...Turn 10 came out and said they were going to shatter GT5, and everyone's expectations on what to expect from a racing sim...That there would be nothing close to it, and that GT as a franchise lost its way years ago...Sony and PD get a bad rep of being overly arrogant, yet PD has said NOTHING about GT5 compared to other racers...its every other developer and their dentist crying about how their game will beat GT5, look better, do more 'new' stuff, sell more, etc...and They NEVER do any of that...

Then the game released, and then the youtube videos we've all seen 100 times...the 'realistic' damage that people keep hammering GT5 about not having in all cars, then watching an RSX slide on its side for a 1/2 mile with cars bouncing off of it...the famous corvette cart wheel...etc, etc, etc...

I'm not defending Sony or 360 fanboys, or anything...I only get into it when developers do their PR thing with hundreds of chest thumping interviews, then release a product that doesn't come close to what they promise...

I agree though...Forza 3 was not a flop...The game sold well, considering it released in a window with absolutely zero real racing sim competition...but youtube 'Forza 3 fail' and you will see countless videos that are nothing more than funny...and considering the game did nothing to push racing games visually, its very odd that its so bland based on what Turn 10 was screaming about...

hell take this for example...the first video that popped up...

RedDead2984d ago

lol luck at this cheeky bol**cks. One thing that all Racing games have in common.

bailoutbenny2984d ago

I'm not backtracking, nor really defending, anyone. If you look at my comment history I've stated in the past that I do not like simulation racers. I couldn't care less who "wins" the GT5 vs. Forza3 war. I've only stated that Forza 3 is not a flop and that Turn10 should be, and probably is, happy with their success, and with good reason.

SpinalRemains1382984d ago

Yeah Forza looks like an atari game in comparison. The fact that these guys are comparing their games to GT5 is indication enough of who's setting the bar.

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Dirk Benedict2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

i am guessing that this means the scenery in Shift will look better than the cars.

Neckbear2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

It just means a better, more "unrealistic" graphical style, instead of the typical, "realistic", "bland" style so many racing games seem to adopt.

Dirk Benedict2985d ago

it goes without saying "same difference"

raztad2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I would like to agree with Neckbear, but what has art-style to do with framerates? guy is implying that settling for 30fps they can push visuals beyond what the other two do. At least that is what I understand.

frostypants2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Comparing Shift 2 to GT5/Forza is like comparing Afterburner to a true flight simulation. They're not even remotely similar.

RememberThe3572985d ago

One is chasing the other two's coat tails. They have to drop the frame rate just to keep up.

MNicholas2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

only reinforces (or even exaggerates) the public's perception of your own flaws.

Look what happened to Turn10.

Keith Olbermann2984d ago

Forza and GT5 look great. GT5 more so. I think this guy is just trying to hype his game and shuffle around its faults. Thats all.

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Klipz-Wish2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I knew it was CVG... this site man :/

despair2985d ago

If what they put Shift 2 producer said is true then its not the site but Marcus Nilsson who's an ass, I mean calling Forza and GT graphics bland?

rdgneoz32985d ago

Always nice to insult the competition on both systems, definitely make their fans want to buy your game...

cvflyboy2984d ago

this has to do with Ea sports dissing Forza and GT5.... Why all the hate.... each console has a Sim racer... its time to make this Retard eat his words... don't support shift 2 when it comes out... lets put these mother fuckers out of business.... We took out NBA live and now its time 2 trash the shift series and demand a decent street racing title....Im tiered of these game developers coming up with these bogus lies and stealing our hard earned money

Balt 2985d ago

I think they mean good graphics.

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PirosThe4th2984d ago

yeah like shift 1 right?
Devs are lazy these days... i got the pc version of split second and blur and it looks like crap on 1080p they dont add high res textures ... those only look good on 720p res... all pixalted its way too lame...

the only racing games with decent graphics on pc was burnout and dirt 2

killzowner2984d ago

and even they are nowhere near GT5 graphically

RedDragan2984d ago

Actually Killzowner...

DiRT2 and GRID with DX11 do look as good as GT5, if not better.

Grow up fanboy.

starcrafter2984d ago

@ reddragon
No they don't. They don't come anywhere close. 500,000 polys per car vs. 200,000. Grow up, fanboy

RedDragan2983d ago


No jaggies

Game set and match! Thank you!


killzowner2983d ago

jaggies arent an issue in GT5... game set and match, idiot.
500,000 poly cars vs 200,000 poly cars...
GT5 is MUCH better looking than Dirt2 or GRID when maxed, GRID doesnt even support the DX11 API, Dirt2's support of it is definitely lacklustre also. Both those games dont even look as good as forza, honestly.

RedDragan2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

There is no 'honestly' about it.

I have DIRT 2 and GRID. They run on my setup at Maximum and with Mods. There are practically flawless graphically speaking. It is impossible, and I mean impossible, to make out the tiny tiny details when there is a tiny bit of shake applied which is what a mod can do to highten realism.

GT5, the retail version, does have some jaggies. There are exposed on larger screens. If reviews have been telling you differently then they are lying, but that would not be a suprise because reviews are always bull.

PS3 wise... DIRT 2 and GRID suck. PC wise... with the right equipment and downloads, DIRT 2 and GRID are visual masterpieces that only GT5 can compete with. Most people do not know just how far ahead the real versions of GRID and DIRT 2 are... the console versions are not a fraction of the PC (real version's) clarity.

Those games are equals to GT5, if not better. No jaggies.

killzowner2980d ago

I have them too, running at max and with thee ultra high graphics and dargos mods enabled and GT5 still destroys them both easily. They have less than half the number of polygons per car, less high quality reflections etc.
The bottom line is youre a fanboy if you hypnotise yourself into believing otherwise. I own a powerful PC and a ps3 and I've managed to not hypnotise myself, why dont you try?

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vhero2984d ago

Got PC version and it looks super even on my old 8800GT Blows the console versions away.