FFXIV free trial extended for another 30 days

The free trial period for Final Fantasy XIV has been extended again by an additional 30 days.

The news comes after the game received a frosty critical reception. PC Gamer gave it 30 per cent, noting in its review: "The kindest thing that can be said about the Final Fantasy MMO is that it has a good intro movie."

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Chris3992983d ago

And then we'll talk. Myself and many others here and on the official forums were bemoaning how wretched the beta was and how it was in no state to launch and they went ahead with it anyhow.

Easily one of the worst launches in MMO history.

I don't even know if F2P will save the game at this point.

rdgneoz32983d ago

The only thing that might save it is the PS3 launch of the game, and that's if they use the time before its launch wisely and get a bunch of fixes in place before it releases. There's too much work that needs to be done to save the PC version right now, and they'll have to keep extending the free trial to get people to stick around till they fix everything. On the bright side, a few people that stick with it and battle through all the problems will have pimped out characters by the time the fixes arrive :p