Assassin's Creed Brotherhood review - Eurogamer

EG writes: "A game that started life as what sounded suspiciously like a fund-raising stopgap conceived on the back of an overdrawn chequebook and blurted out during a conference call."

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raztad2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

10/10 WTF???

Need to see more reviews but EUROGAMER doesnt throw perfect scores so easily. We might have a winner here.

DORMIN2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

hmmm this is the first 10/10 I can recall Eurogamer having.

So AC2 is really THE perfect game? LOL. After reading the other reviews I find this hard to believe.

- Ghost of Sparta -2895d ago

So Eurogamer's reviews only count when they're scored 9 or over? Lol them handing out a perfect score doesn't disregard the fact they've always sucked at reviewing *everything* and they still do, even after this review to a game you're obviously looking forward to.

raztad2895d ago

Too bad my reply to NickX is gone.

I'm not particularly fond of EUROGAMER reviews but I dont see why their review is worst than others. It is just a review after all, and if I dont suspect any agenda I take it as for what it is an OPINION.

Not even looking forward to this game I was just surprised at the score, wasnt expecting it. There are some 9, 9.5 and 8s around, so perhaps this review is not that far off.

Daver2895d ago

wth are they smoking loll I'm sure its a good game but far from perfection... I started it and it looks fun but it feels a lot like assassins creed 2

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NickX2895d ago ShowReplies(3)
NickX2895d ago

8/10 from IGN and they say the same as the norway review, more of the same nothing special.

Eurogamer are having a laugh with their 10/10 for this.

Eamon2895d ago

LOL. This score is jokes! Although, everyone seems to have high ratings as well.

Except IGN that is.

Antan2895d ago

Sadly this will have to go on the backburner along with NFS. GT5 simply demands all my gametime.

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