Dead Space 2 Looking...Lively?

So Dead Space 2 has multiplayer, everyone knows that by now. What does this mean for the franchise though? With all the recent news and videos from the beta hitting the internet, We Got This Covered takes a look at it and asks if multiplayer was the best idea.

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gameseveryday2987d ago

It was never lively...remember its "dead" space for a reason.

TheHip142987d ago

haha, wish I had a chance to play the beta, interested to see how the online is

avroth162987d ago

cant wait for this
dead space is awesome

Doctorofreality2987d ago

First game was mad (in a terrifying and addictive way) but a mate of mine got the beta and to be honest it doesn't feel like dead space. The necromorphs spawn uber quick and you never get a chance to come even remotly close to completin the mission as an engineer.

Like one where you have to gather parts to build a bomb...everyone just camped and sprayed bullets into the other team for like 20 mins. bloody stupid.

RaymondM2987d ago

holy hell, this game is going to be great. I cant wait for this one, since the original was downright scary. I hope they just dont over do the voice of Isaac.

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