Warhawk Crowdedness Becoming an Issue For PS3 Owners?

Some Playstation 3 users across forums boards including Gamespot are reportedly having issues joining Warhawk online games because all the ranked games are constantly full and so are mostly all of the unranked ones. This means that most gamers spend an average of 15 minutes before you can join a game.

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TriggerHappy4063d ago

Am yet to get the game, anyone else experiencing this issues ?

drtysouf214063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

most gamers and average of 15 minutes unless you've done a large poll and can show those facts. But this does happen sometimes it takes a few trys on different games to get in but the longest i've had to wait is maybe 3-4 minutes.

eagle4063d ago

I've been trying to connect to ANY server for about 1 hour now. I get either "Unable to join game" or "Game is full" even though it's not full, e.g. 28/32 before and after the error.

MikeGdaGod4063d ago

i was just trying to get on a second ago but all the games were full. it's really a problem for me cus i got a high rank and the rooms i could get in were already limited.

i'm going to try again in a minute. watching the USA basketball team kill Argentina in the gold medal game.

Tabasco4063d ago

yea i can wait up to 25 minutes trying to get into a ranked Sony server, but with unranked one's I don't have that problem.

roadkillers4063d ago

To get into ranked games it can take up to 30 min. Sometimes though if your lucky you can get in right away but sometimes it freezes.

hazeblaze4063d ago

No, it takes me 5 min at most to find a game. But if their point is that you can't jump instantly into a game, then for the most part they are correct. But it really doesn't take long to get into one... especially if you want to play an unranked game. There are literally hundreds of games going at one time.

DeadIIIRed4063d ago

Go into filters and set Rank to My Rank. I think you can only play with your own rank and I've gotten into every game I've tried to join so far. Thought some of you might want to know.

embracemybeaver4063d ago

yeah ya right man, just change ya server filter to "my rank" and u shouldnt experience too many delays!

Delive4063d ago

Ranked servers seem full all the time. Takes so long to find one because the room says it's got 4 slots left (20/24) and is full when you try to go in. Then when you search, you have to wait for the list to come back up (Filtering helps). You should be able to filter ranked and unranked games. I only play ranked when alone, I split screen sometimes and unrank it then. More ranked servers are necessary and a way to filter out the unranked ones is a must.

scheme_a4063d ago

It's practically impossible to get into sony server on weekends unless you're playing like 4 o'clock in the morning which I tried and worked very well lol.

But to me, more important issue is all the scores, ribbons, and medals you earned in ranked games not being added to your profile.
I'm not sure it's just my profile not being updated for while or they basically dumped my scores into garbage.

Either way, I'm feeling like I wasted like 10 hours of gameplay.

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Lord Anubis4063d ago

I'm having the same issue. I can't get in ranked games but I can get it in unranked games fairly easy. I want to rank up so I can customize my warhawk. :(

big_tim4063d ago

When I was on earlier toady there were 605 servers running (30-40 sony ones) If you sort by name the sony serves are all lumped together. I spent a couple minutes adding servers to my favorites before jumping in to make it faster next time.

Great game. I just have the problem of choosing between COD4 beta and warhawk. Both are equally fun.

Arkrite4063d ago

Its also got ranking issues i got up to chief sergeant and today I went on and was back down to a recruit all ribbons badges medals and stats have reset to zero!

masterg4063d ago

This happens to me often if I try and join games that are almost full.

Rowe4063d ago

Ye this happens to me also, if you get in a ranked match is rather lucky and it always annoys me on unranked when the host disconnects in a middle of a game. Hopefully they'll find a solution.

theonlyfro984063d ago

they should make it where if the host leaves an unranked match, someone automatically becomes the new host

Greysturm4063d ago

Is gonna have tu buy a few more ps3 for servers... :)