Study Shows Girl Gamers More Aggressive

A recent study done by the Yale School of Medicine shows some very surprising findings on the effects of gaming on male and female adolescents. Brutal Gamer reports.

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Blaster_Master2988d ago

LOL! I can totally relate to this studies.

RedDragan2988d ago

I can't relate to your grammar.

Hayakuzima2988d ago

I don't think I can relate to these studies.
I've only been in fights because I was bullied by people who thought I was strange.

I think violent thoughts all the time, but I don't think it's a problem.

averyzoe2987d ago

The study showed that, while male gamers were vastly unaffected, female gamers were much more likely to get into serious fights and to carry weapons. Despite these findings, I think parenting and personal control are the ultimate deciders in these types of behaviors.

RedDragan2987d ago


It is no wonder some girls who happen to play games are also pyscho's when their mothers open their legs to any male over the age of 14 because they are fertile.