Nuketown is the Single Worst Map in FPS History

Loot Ninja writes:

"I think Call of Duty: Black Ops is a great game. I am thoroughly enjoying the multiplayer as it I think it is the best effort in a CoD game thus far. However, the pock mark on the face of this game is Nuketown. The concept of having a map at a 1960′s era Nuclear Testing Site is a great idea. The map itself has great detail, creepy mannequins, a doomsday clock, and even Easter Egg mailboxes from in-game characters. Despite all this, playing on Nuketown is by far the worst thing about Black Ops multi. Here is why."

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RedDead2989d ago

It wouldn't be so bad if the spawn system wasn't so F**ked up

fiercescuba2989d ago

I wrote this piece because the map itself has potential. The idea is really cool. The spawn system really makes it a disaster.

FragMnTagM2989d ago

I never ever lose on that map when I have my team.

If your whole team is farther than the back of the house, the enemy team will spawn behind you. If you keep two people in the back two in the house and two near the vehicles, they won't spawn behind you.

DarkTower8052989d ago

Its actually my favorite map of the game, as I assume many others as well. Every time it comes up in the rotation it gets played at least 4 times in a row. Sure, the spawning sucks, but what do you expect from such a tiny map.

Nuketown is pure chaos and adrenaline, which I like. If you're a camper or perfectionist who strives for perfect kdr, then I can see how this map might aggravate you.

BakedGoods2989d ago

The map is the worst in FPS history because of...the spawn system? It's really not the map that's the problem then is it?

Sounds like the sensational title is just 'f0r teh hitz'.

-Alpha2989d ago

Fixing the stupid spawn system is the top priority for TA apparently so hopefully everything gets ironed out

frostypants2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Why did they make it so small? It could have been sweet if it covered, say, a full block, instead of just 2 houses.

As it is right now it's obvious that it was designed in a day. It feels like a bad user-content map from an FPS 15 years ago.

Focker4202989d ago

Its definitely my favorite map of the game, but yes the spawns are ridiculous. They're fine on team tactical though. I wish they'd do like a 5 or 6 person free-for-all with the layouts from the wager matches. Oh and I wish they'd give me experience points for playing the wager matches. Kind of stupid that they don't.

mzm1192989d ago

sounds like sour grapes.. you must suck

wsoutlaw872989d ago

i hate that map its to small for that many players. Theres nothing to it and that allows people to camp the entire time and still get kills

DORMIN2989d ago

I like the design and style to it, the CoD spawning system not so much.

You hear they Activillian and Treyarch? FIX YOUR F*CKING SPAWN SYSTEM

frostypants2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

On the contrary, people who like this map tend to suck on the real ones. They like it because it makes getting kills so easy.

I'd bet that there's a high correlation between people who like this map and people who quick-scoped in MW2.

mzm1192989d ago

frosty.. it's easier to get kills and it's easier to be killed. If I play well and win a FFA on a normal map it's usually in the 30-8 range. If I play well and win a FFA on Nuketown it's more like 30-20. It's a different style of map, that's all.

I find it tests my reflexes much more than the normal, tactical maps. There is no where to hide.

Sarcasm2989d ago

I have to agree, I always stop if this map is picked. I think it has something to do with the stupid spawning. I cant recall how many times I've spawned, ran forward, and then 2 enemies spawn right behind me and kill me. It's highly frustrating, and people keep voting for it!

Millah2989d ago

I love the map, it's the spawns that is the problem. Nuketown is just pure chaos, which is a nice change from modern campfare 2. I agree however that certain kill streaks should be limited on this map. Chopper gunner needs to have either a shorter duration in air (since it's impossible to shoot down when you're spawn killed), and the machine gun needs to have either limited ammo or an overheat period.

Otherwise I have tons of fun on the map.

olLANDSHARKlo2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

exactly, no where to hide, hence you can't camp. I love the map, campers will not.

f7897902989d ago

The spawn system isn't that bad. It's a small map and some bad spawns are expected.

I want you to remember Rust. The map with a high point in the center that held noobtoobers raining grenades down on spawn points directly below it. That was the worst map ever made.

NecrumSlavery2989d ago

The first few minutes of Nuketown are fun, but after everyone spreads out and the spawning goes haywire, everything turns into a huge shitshow.

I don't remember an issue this bad in Rust, and that was half the size.

other than that it's a really cool map. I know they went for a simple little map, but honestly it would better if they made the map(that side area) open, so they can clean up some of the sanity.

AAACE52988d ago

I hate to say it, but it was the first map I played in multiplayer and was unimpressed! I was scared all of the maps would be that bad! Luckily they aren't!

AndrewRyan2988d ago

But I find the map fun, there is constant action, and you have to think alot about where you should be going and where the enemy team will be spawning. 70% mental, 30% skill.

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JsonHenry2989d ago

Yeah.. I think that if the spawn system was a little better about NOT putting you next to/in front of other players this map would not be so bad. I actually like the map. But not when it is 5 deaths in a row within a second of spawning. LAME.

r1sh122989d ago

Yea the spawn system is bad, but I think they have designed it the way they have to avoid spawn traps.
the problem with the new system is people tend to spawn very close to the person that killed them.
This actually is a decent map, a little too camp friendly but if you have a good team and make sure the other team cannot spawn behind you its easy wins and kill streaks.
I went 108 - 19 on this map playing demolition, we just spawn trapped them and made sure they didnt spawn behind us.

frostypants2989d ago

"This actually is a decent map, a little too camp friendly but if you have a good team and make sure the other team cannot spawn behind you its easy wins and kill streaks."

Translation: if you spawn camp the enemy it's not so bad.

This is the DEFINITION of a bad map.

Shackdaddy8362989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

It wouldn't be SO bad if people didn't vote for it over and over again until you leave the lobby....

It just gets annoying after 5 times inna row...

I usually dont get spawn camped a lot unless I play domination. Then its just ridiculous.

Sticks n' Stones is really good on this map BTW(at least for me it is)

Super-Brad2989d ago

You can just quit that match and re-join the other hundreds of games.

BrianG2989d ago

@ Above

I wish I could have played a match the other day. My bro picked it up and I wanted to try it out. Tried for 10 mins to get into all different match types, and when I finally got in a team death match the lag sucked.

I have a good connection, wired and wireless, over 10mbps download. So I don't know if they fixed those issues yet, haven't played it since.

gaden_malak2989d ago

I like the map. It's fast and furious in Free-for-all. I get high scores, though never win.

But I agree doing it over and over in a row is annoying. But thankfully its easy to get another game.

BloodyNapkin2989d ago

The spawns for this map is fine, cause it would be to easy to spawn trap a team on this board. Cause you can chuck a grenade almost all the way across the board.

They will fix spawns then everyone will cry the are getting spawn trapped by a bunch of partied noobs.

TheSadTruth2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

All your negative points:

1. The map is entirely too small for 8 v 8.

2. The spawn points are way too predictable.

3. The killstreaks are way too powerful for a map of this design.

Are problems on every MW2/Black Ops map.

That's why it's a terrible FPS for the lowest common deoniminator of FPS players, the FPS pseudo-competitive console gamer. Where you get much reward for little work (spawn camping, kill streaks). If you think these are problems with this map, then you are playing the wrong game, because these issues affect ALL CoD maps since even CoD 4...

It's pretty ironic saying this is a bad map when the same qualities are what inadvertently draw you to this game.

The post above:

"sounds like sour grapes.. you must suck " by mzm119

is a perfect example of the ideology I'm describing. This pre-teen probably thinks the world of himself because he can aim his autoaimed controller at a narrow entrance and press a trigger.

Call of Duty.

visualb2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

when its all just about memorizing the map and knowing whats the best gun...thats it

then its just exploit the game

exploit the spawn points (as the article mentions), exploit the killstreaks, exploit it all until it becomes unplayable for other players...

gaden_malak2988d ago

God elitists annoy me. Very few video games require skills. FPS certainly are not in that group.

People need to get over themselves and have fun in life.

GhettoBlasStarr2988d ago

Its high action, never a dull moment. I like it because I don't have to runaround looking for campers!! NukeTown was the 1st map that I put in my playback file. I must not be the only person that feels the same because its always getting voted in.

TheLastGuardian2988d ago

Even if the spawn system wasn't so F'd up it would still suck. Idk why, I usually like small maps. Shipment was one of my favorite COD4 maps but I hate Nuketown. Theres so many enemies in that small area, you don't know which one to gun for and as soon as you start shooting somebody behind you kills you. Getting killed every 5 seconds is not my idea of fun.

Skizelli2988d ago

I'd like this map a lot more if it was opened up, say, the entire length of the street. Would be awesome since it's a court. I wouldn't call it the single worst map in FPS history, either. That title belongs to any one of the MP maps in the new Medal of Honor.

360nPS3rTheSAME2988d ago

it plays just like the kz3 maps in beta. Coooool. Black ops is the best shooter on the market at least till the next cod comes

LukaX232988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

This article has the single most misleading title in history.

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ironcreed2989d ago

No argument from me. It's a spawn camping, nade spamming paradise. They should have just made it the size of a typical neighborhood block at the very least. As it stands, it is nothing more than a claustrophobic camp-fest culdesac. Just an awful design.

frostypants2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

The fact that people vote for it is proof that most gamers these days prefer fat kill streaks to actual gameplay.

It's a sad commentary on where things are headed. People care more about their stats than how they get them.

They'd rather shoot fish in a barrel than actually fish. It's as if the laziness of modern American youth has invaded gaming. Someone could write a psychology paper on this.

wsoutlaw872989d ago

thats cod for you. people want the glory of a large amount of easy kills with out any skill. Its just as much the older crowd and the young ten year olds as it is the teens who like the get in and unlock a bunch of stuff, get the game winning kill and get out. Thats called appealing to the mass market my friend and it is definitely a trend in gaming

vickers5002989d ago

Yes, because it's only Americans that are like that. /s

And the campers are easy as hell to take out in this level. Just fire your crossbow into the room and you'll get the kill 70% of the time.

gaden_malak2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

lol @ skill in CoD. It's a video game. There is no skill required. All you need to do is be quicker on the trigger.

It's a game. The idea is to win and have fun. There is no skill needed.

Canidae2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

That I'm not the only one who freakin' hates that map with every fiber of my gaming soul. And if the stated problems weren't bad enough, the spawn mechanic problem is especially noticeable there. Can't even recall how many deaths I've had on that map simply because the game decided to spawn half the enemy team on the same side as me.

Akagi2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I didn't think there could be a map worse than CoD 4's Shipment, but then Nuketown comes along and proves me wrong.

joydestroy2989d ago

yeah dude i hated that Shipment map in CoD4 it was horrible

Nitrowolf22989d ago

I still think Shipment is the worse, It's much smaller and usually when i spawn on that map i die, at least on Nuketown i can move around and at least have a chance of not dieing. The spawn system is really F'd up, i die and repond behind the enemeis sometimes or they spawn behind my team. Its annoying

EVO-OM3GA2989d ago

I loved Shipment especially on HQ it was never about capturing it was all about getting them Kills also you couldnt really camp.

Nuke Town is just stupid! everytime i see that MAP it gets voted for!

FragMnTagM2989d ago

That map was just as bad.

im-12-years-old2989d ago

I hate wetwork

that is the worst map for me

renegade2989d ago

I have fun playing private in shipment oldschool, knife and pistol but no good on normal multiplayer match.

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ThisPlaceSucksBye2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

If you play a free for all with 1 or 2 of your buddies, it's awesome.


1. The map is entirely too small for 8 v 8.

Stupidest complaint ever.
This is why the map label says "small".
Why even try an 8 vs. 8 match? Come on.

Blaster_Master2989d ago

So true. Maybe its cause yall suck and dont ever get first? LOL!

soundslike2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

because it pops up in the TDM playlist and idiots vote for it...

fiercescuba2989d ago

It is not up to me on the size of the match.

If I pick, Core > Domination, and the lobby allows for 16 players, how am I supposed to change that?

I'm not being sarcastic, it is an actual question.

frostypants2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

"Why even try an 8 vs. 8 match? Come on. "

Good question. Why does the game put it on the vote list then?

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