Quantic Dream’s Next is Sci-Fi

The concept of the clandestine “source” is one of the many delusions that permeates the gaming industry. In reality, sources rarely meet us in decrepit alleyways dressed in trenchcoats, bleeding profusely from a fatal wound, their dark, troubled conscience demanding they divulge earth-shattering secrets before succumbing to a painful demise. It’s seldom that melodramatic. (Though when this does happen, man, it’s so awesome.)

Sometimes when we run a story here at TheSixthAxis people behind the scenes get in touch and just shoot the breeze. Sometimes they also tell us something that hasn’t officially been announced or confirmed (and should hence be treated accordingly), and, sometimes, they don’t mind if we share it with you as long as their anonymity is maintained.

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Cloudberry2988d ago

If I recalled it correctly, the previous smashed rumor "Horizon" was also a Sci-Fi...

Hard to tell.