WorthPlaying: Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

WorthPlaying: "I'm advancing through a tunnel system beneath a Soviet missile complex around the time of escalating nuclear hostilities between the United States and the Eastern Bloc. I've just destroyed an in-flight ICBM missile during a test with a stolen rocket launcher, and they're on to me. There's precious little between me, my small team of fellow covert operatives, and a neverending supply of enemy soldiers armed to the teeth. If I don't get some shelter soon, I'm going to fade away forever. The next thing I know, I've made it, but now I'm rolling out of a forward firebase during the Vietnam War, and I'm listening to radio chatter from people who sound a lot like modern-day movie actors."

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thorstein2985d ago

Is it a fun game if you set up a Lan and play with friends? Sure.

But I am stuck playing online with a bunch of glitchers and cheaters. Ooooh, you can do an infinite care package glitch, you are soo skilled. /sarcasm

The game is ruined because it is not enjoyable to play mp.