Why we should play bad games

From "Why would you want to do such a stupid thing? After all, there's enough high-quality titles coming out to keep any gamer busy for months to come and spending money on sub-standard fare is surely madness? Well, I believe the reason so many of us enjoy terrible B-movies can also be applied to videogames - they can actually be fun experiences with the right mindset but also lead to a much more meaningful understanding of videogames and their quality."

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gravemaker2989d ago

i'm always playing average (at best) games. Many of them are much more fun than these AAA overhyped titles.

toaster2989d ago

I've done my fair share of charity buying, indie games, low rated games, most of the time they tend to suck or are average. But sometimes you find that little gem in a sea of crap. Those are worth the search and pain of *WTF I CAN'T BELIEIVE I BOUGHT THIS SH*T* moments.

Chubear2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

..lets be honest here. This gen especially, a vast majority of gamers are lead by the nose like sheep by numerical gaming site reviews.

Even if they have played the demo of a game, seen all the in-depth gameplay footage and seen all the developer interviews and now determine it's not at all a game for them, once a review comes out with a 9 or 9.5 attached to it, all of a sudden their brains switch and they say stuff like "Wow, didn't think it was this good. I'm buying it day one for sure now". This happens vice-versa too.

A lot of people claim not to be influenced by reviews but the truth is a vast majority are and these editorial gaming sites and gaming PR groups are more than aware of it and use it to their advantage.

AAACE52989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

MS and Sony have damaged the gaming industry with the 360 and Ps3!

Consoles cost a lot, games cost a lot, gamers are picky about what to buy, smaller developers have closed because they couldn't afford to make games for these consoles!

Nintendo was right! The industry is being pushed too far too fast, which is why MS and Sony want these consoles to last longer than usual. The industry needs to catch up and they are just now starting to!

When you stop getting the random off the wall unusual games coming out left and right, then the industry is catching up! Up until now, we have mainly seen the more popular titles that we expect.

Baka-akaB2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )


Imo got little to to do with faking it , people not backing up their claims or whatever .

Us same 20 dudes saying here " i aint buying COD BO" , or anything fitting the example , just mean nothing in the grand scheme of things .
And obviously even less if some flater along the way .

Just like constant abuse on each consoles from fanboys on n4g , isnt affecting their overall sales .

Blacktric2989d ago

I always buy "bad" games and I don't care what gamers and critics say about them. I'm playing games to have fun and if I'm having fun while playing those "bad" games, then nothing can stop me.

AceofStaves2989d ago

The games I enjoy most often score an average of 7-8 in reviews, so I'm with you there. I buy according to what interests me, and what I enjoy, rather than going by other peoples' reviews.

dangert122989d ago

The guy who wrote this can play bad games and enjoy spending money on them as for me

I will continue to heavily reseach a game before purchase listen to reviews to get a feel of the game (not to say IGN Said no so i wont get it) if im not to hype get some hands on with it etc i will only purchase and play what i believe/believed is the best choice and only if that choice actually is a good game

Rybnik2989d ago

Why the Hell is an awesome game like ME being used as the story example???

The_Darkest_Red2989d ago

Why do people comment on articles without reading them?


VersusEM2989d ago

I only buy the best games, I always research the games before buying them, see what reviewers thought about it, see how my friends like it, how long it is, etc. Why would I buy a crappy game, it's a waste of my time and money.

dionnysus2989d ago

it's okay to play bad games as long as you don't have to buy bad games

VersusEM2989d ago

no if you have the chance, never play a bad game, its a waste of time. I'd rather play Crash Bandicoot than Superman 64

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