Black Ops: 5 Tips for Reducing Lag & Increasing Performance

Just over a week into the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, we give 5 tips for reducing lag and increasing overall performance in the PC platform.

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kdogdaddy2991d ago

We've found the listed console commands to help out IMMENSELY in increasing performance and reducing overall lag.

TheIneffableBob2990d ago

Kinda OT, but the heck. Why does your site have text as images.

kdogdaddy2990d ago

The entire list of console commands are all in text.

ComboBreaker2988d ago

Tip Number 1: Get a different game.

Ducky2989d ago

Been using most of those commands since day 1.

Also, "/maxpackets 100" isn't exactly the best command to use.
Using lower numbers (50~60 instead of 100) might actually be better.

kdogdaddy2989d ago

We appreciate your response, we'll do some testing throughout the sC community and see what we can come up with using a lower number of maxpackets.

Ducky2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Well, I guess I'll just throw in what I've learned from CoD4.
It seems it is best to set maxfps to the lowest FPS you can manage.
So if your FPS doesn't dip below 125, then set maxfps to 125.

Then, maxpackets must be a factor of maxfps.
Thus, with maxfps of 125, the possible values of maxpacket are:
125/1 = 125 (not possible as maxpackets must be less than 100)
125/2 = 62.5 ~ 63
125/3 = 41.6 ~ 42

Although setting maxpackets to 100 will automatically switch down to the highest possible number, the problem occurs when you have unstable FPS.

If you have 125 fps, then maxpackets will automatically be 63 (since there isn't any higher factor).
But as soon as your fps falls below 100, your maxpackets value will change to 100 (since 100/1 = 100 is a possible value)
This will result in a ping spike, since your computer is now sending more packets.

The key thing here is having stable FPS. Often times, stable FPS is much better than having high FPS that periodically dips.

Best of luck in your endeavors. =)

LJCabo2se2990d ago

I think I remember something like this posted by u already. Maybe im just going crazeh.

Losi2990d ago

Kdog is losing it. =D

Kratos_19862990d ago

the media is trying what ever they can to cover up the mess in this game and some dont even mention a problem in it imagine this was a ps3 exclusive we will have a non stop flaming articles reminds me of Final fantasy Xbox360 broken version looool it was the biggest joke of the media history not even 1 single article or a review to mention it most major web sites gave both versions the same score :D and sucked MS D1ck

and yet you guys or some of you even wait for a review to buy a game... trusting a website review this gen anyway what i want to say is THIS GAME IS **** UP BADLY and it cant be fixed thanks to the millions of you who keep supporting this game and made it a world record seller gratz we will keep getting Low quality sh i t games

vickers5002990d ago

It's not as bad as you say it is (console wise at least). People are making the problems out to be bigger than they actually are.

The game is far from unplayable. Sure there are a few issues that happen more often than they should, but I've only had problems with my matches about 30% of the time I've been playing the game, but that will be fixed soon, so there's not much to worry about.

kdogdaddy2990d ago

While it is not un-playable, it is still very much affected by the deficiencies in each particular platform.

vickers5002989d ago

At the very worst, it's annoying, but only a small percent of the time. Like I said before, I only experience issues about 30% of the time, but that 30% is not worth getting upset over, and if this were any other game, the N4G community would just consider it a small problem and would consider it nitpicking.

Bad Company 2 had some issues at launch, but no one made that much of a big deal out of it then.

vickers5002989d ago

I can see why you only have one bubble. Maybe you will too whenever you reach an age past 13.

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