Codemasters: "Not inconceivable" to start selling incomplete games at retail

According to Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens, future games could be sold incomplete at retail, with mandatory downloadable content required to get the remainder of your newly purchased title.

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Pillville2986d ago

It's happening now.

Alan Wake
Fallout 3 (Broken Steel)

are two off the top of my head where the DLC completes the main story.

iamnsuperman2986d ago

Assassins creed 2 had two DLC which were meant to be part of the story

hay2986d ago

AC2 was great game, lot's of fun but 'cause of cut chapters I sold it and never gonna buy anything Ubi(probably except Beyond Good and Evil next year and I am Alive if it'll absolutely rule). I was that pissed off.

GTA4 was also incomplete. It was a step back in the series in terms of possibilities IMO.

There are games like that...

Yi-Long2986d ago

... in which case it's not 'inconceivable' to mod/jailbreak my consoles and stop supporting these greedy bastards!

I don't buy incomplete games. Ever.

I just picked up Assassin's Creed 2 GOTY for 10 bucks orso (NEW) 2 weeks ago. It was a game I would have bought full-price if it hadn't been for the whole DLC-scam. Now they only made 10 bucks of me, instead of 50 or 60.

Perjoss2986d ago

so... the idea is to sell the game cheaper but unfinished, and then DLC will both complete the price and story of the game? It's not going to work. The rate at which games fall in price these days is good, games sometimes fall to half price in just 4 weeks. Also more and more gamers are adopting the attitude of "I'll wait for the goty edition" specially when they know there is DLC being worked on before the game is even out.

Why buy a full price game now for £40 and also buy 3 DLC at £6 each when I can just get the goty edition for £30 and it comes with everything.

Elwenil2986d ago

They sold Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising incomplete and then you had to pay them for DLC that gave you features that were clearly stated on the original packaging and advertised as part of the original game. Codemasters can burn in hell. I'll NEVER buy another product from them. Vote with your money people.

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Stuart57562986d ago

Absolutely right, a lot of games need updates to fix the game, they're released a few days after launch and may only be 20-50mb, GTA4 PS3 had one, did Bioshock have one too? I know it's happened quite a lot!

barinho2986d ago

You don't need the Alan Wake dlc to complete the story,it´s just a complement to the mai. story,like most dlcs.

On topic,keep that stupid idea to yoursleves codemasters.

chazjamie2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

codemasters can keep their "incomplete games". You wont see me spending a penny on any of their titles, knowing that in next week of my purchase i have to purchase mandatory dlc.

You know, when this next generation was being discussed one the 'many' highlights was dlc. I was under the impression it was going to be for free because many gaming magazines implied that it was going to be free; you already purchased the game anything els should be free. Plag and play3 (or what ever they called now) mag was so very wrong.

Convas2986d ago

The hell? The main story concludes in Alan Wake WITHOUT the need for DLC. He saves his wife and defeats the darkness. BAM! That's that.

The DLC is to tell us about what happened to Wake AFTER the events of the main game, and the battles he had going on in his head.

Seriously, did you even play it?

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago

Thanks for the spoiler, I haven't gotten around to Alan Wake yet. :/

ct032986d ago

"He saves his wife and defeats the darkness. BAM! That's that."

Uh, what? I think you need to replay the game. The darkness was never real.

VenGencE9992986d ago

thanks for the spoiler you ASS. there are still those of us that haven't played the game. ass

Domer252986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This is hilarious, especially coming from PATCHMASTERS.

Si-Fly2986d ago

Yup, F1 was and still is incomplete, absolutely laughable.

guitarded772986d ago

Yeah, I was gonna say Codemaster's been doing this for years already.

Pillville2986d ago

Yes I played Alan Wake and the 2 DLCs.
The DLCs CONTINUE the story, a.k.a., you don't get the complete story without them. There are major plot points in the DLCs.

It's not like, say, Fallout's Mothership Zeta, where it's just a side story that has nothing to do with the main story.

GameScrub2986d ago


If you finish Alan Wake and lets say play the new version of Alan Wake whenever it's released you will find that the DLC had nothing to do with the story.

The Alan Wake DLC just gives you another point of view to what you already know and it's just going inside his head.

By the end of both DLC you are back where you started at the end of the original game thus making it just an expansion not an integral part of the story.

ryuzu2986d ago

F1 2010 was already sold incomplete lol.

I think before threatening incomplete games they should at least try and release finsihed/complete/playable games first.


JsonHenry2986d ago

lol, the industry has been doing it for years already..

NewsForMe2986d ago

Broken Steel was completely unnecessary. The first ending for Fallout 3 was satisfying enough and it appeared you handled the Enclave and saved the DC wasteland.

Wikkid6662986d ago

I think the best example that they are talking about is what MS did to Fable 2. When MS released for download they divided the game into chapters.

Daver2986d ago

Sell me 1 incompleted game and this will be the only time you are selling your games to me...

vhero2986d ago

Pillville I disagree with Fallout 3 but I think the biggest incomplete game so far has got to be Starcraft 2..

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2986d ago

If I remember correctly these asshats sold op flashpoint dragon rising to me as a finished game last year when it hardly worked and had all sorts of missing pieces they tried to sell as dlc. Fuck off codemasters no more money from me ever!

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Shadow Flare2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I hate that. I refuse to buy a game that is knowingly incomplete, then I have to pay more for dlc to get the rest of the game. It's disgusting. Polyphony may have taken 5 years to make GT5 but I fully respect Kaz's decision that everything on the disc will be final and that it will be the complete game. This is where I miss previous generations of gaming. Because you knew when you'd buy a game, it would be the full game, signed, stamped, gold, done. Not some incomplete short bug fest that "they can patch later" and still charge full price for the incomplete mess at retail

dangert122986d ago

And those people who are not online dont get there hole game?

i mean aint half of xbox users online ?
plus ps3 takes ages to download and update game data

maxcer2986d ago

it seems to be that some people are hoping GT5 gets some dlc in the form of cars/features already.

radphil2986d ago

Cars in a way I can understand, cause it's an actual object they are still creating to this very day, so it makes sense that they'll be able to add in more cars from production.

Features though...I dunno about that.

Neckbear2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

If they do so, they just lost a customer.

Well, that's excluding the games I already buy "GOTY" editions of. (I'm looking at you, Bethesda.)

G1L2986d ago

Me: "Not inconceivable" to stop buying incomplete codemasters games at retail...

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