What To Expect From Xbox 720

Of course, many people would have a lot of rumours, speculations and maybe even some inside information on the aforementioned Xbox 720, especially since it has been five years since the release of the Xbox 360, and while it still has not lost steam, with Kinect, the Xbox 360 S and so many other games coming out for the system, a next generation member in the Xbox family has to be around the corner.
So let us have a look at what we want from the Xbox 3, what it can do to improve upon the Xbox 360, and what new features it can incorporate to completely trounce the competition, in this article!

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Shanks2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"One of the main complaints with the Xbox 360 is that it has a very weak exclusive lineup. Only a few select games like Halo: Reach, Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Fable II and a few others are the totally exclusive Xbox 360 titles. Even titles like Gears of War- which is also on the PC- and Mass Effect 2- which will be on the PS3 soon-, which are said to be the system’s “killer aps” are not exclusives. We want more exclusives from Microsft next generation, and not just a select few franchises. Create new IPs, build already established franchises, make third party biggies like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil completely exclusive, and we will have at our hands a library to be reckoned with."

Final Fantasy and Resident Evil completly exclusive?

WaggleLOL2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The article really is off in fantasy land.

Microsoft has been closing down their internal studios for the past three years. They are throwing huge amounts of cash at trying to turn the old Xbox 360 hardware into a Wii type device.

Microsoft no longer is in the position they were in back in 1999/2000 when their stock was rising like made and they felt like there was no limit to the cash they were willing to throw at markets.

Those days are long gone. The stock price has been stagnant for a decade under Ballmer. The company has lost some 300 billion or so of market value under Ballmer. And Microsoft is already losing billions on their online and search obsession with Google.

Giving the Xbox guy more billions to create new hardware just isn't going to happen. And buying up new first party studios other than little casual studios isn't going to happen either.

The Mac is getting more and more game support. That is a direct threat to Microsoft's core OS monopoly revenue stream. They are turning their attention back to PC gaming because if the average consumer can play most major games on something other than Windows all these other non-OS or office software ventures by Microsoft will no longer be able to be funded.

I think Microsoft has realized that they aren't capable of competing in consumer electronics. They spent billions on the first Xbox hardware because they just took standard desktop PC hardware and put it in a console box. The Xbox 360 they tried to go with the cheapest hardware and ended up with disastrous results. With the large number of layoffs and cost cutting going on at Microsoft I don't think Microsoft execs are willing to give the Xbox guys more billions to try once again on new hardware ever again.

Armyntt2983d ago

So waggle u think MS is done after this gen? I also firmly believe M$ will be 2nd to release the next console, after Nintendo of course.

WaggleLOL2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I think Microsoft is done making console hardware.

Looking back over the past few years there have been stories about how Microsoft was looking for hardware companies to make Xbox hardware. No one was ever interested.

I don't think Microsoft really wants to be in the console hardware business. It is something they have no internal capabilities like Sony does. They would rather be in a situation like they are with Windows where they just collect licensing fees while other people sell the low margin hardware.

I remember back in late 1999 when the Xbox was first talked about Microsoft people were talking about effectively taking over the console market. They thought they were going to throw huge amounts of cash at the market and drive everyone else out. It's been eight years and that didn't happen.

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft tries to transform the Xbox brand into some sort of paid service for Windows gaming. Forget about the huge costs of designing and manufacturing console hardware. Piracy was always the attraction of having locked down console hardware, but piracy has been rampant on both Xbox consoles.

kaveti66162983d ago

I like reading between the lines for bullshit. Here's what I found.

"The company has lost some 300 billion or so of market value under Ballmer."

Convas2983d ago

@Kaveti: ROFLMFAO! 300 Billion?! Waggle dun goofed and moved out from the range of plausible private sector losses into the Government Economic Bailout figure area.

WaggleLOL2983d ago

kaveti6616, don't understand what market value of Microsoft the company is.

Look at the market value of MSFT in 1999/2000 when Ballmer became CEO

Look at the market value of MSFT today

Subtract the difference...

Ask for help if you can't do the arithmetic...

kaveti66162983d ago

market value is an abstract estimation of future earnings based on current variables.

your claim is basically, "Before Ballmer, everyone thought Microsoft was going to make this much money. After Ballmer, everyone thought Microsoft was going to make less money."

None of it is real. Microsoft did not lose that much money. Financial analysts just lowered their expectations.

But you're automatically saying that this has something to do with Ballmer. Analysts predict the future market value based on Microsoft's investments and ventures. It makes sense for Microsoft's market value to drop after a series of failed ventures like the Zune or Windows ME or Windows Vista.

How about you show us Sony's market value from 2000 and compare it with their market value from 2010. You'll see a similar drop. Investors have been predicting the market value based on the billions of dollars in losses that Sony has incurred from the Playstation 3 and other failed ventures like the PSP Go. But, again, none of that means anything because the market value is a prediction.

Why don't you play games instead of spreading bullshit, half-assed statements about Microsoft? What kind of a prick spends this much time on the internet bashing a company, bashing its products, bashing its games, laughing at its failures? Get a fucking life, kid.

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Armyntt2983d ago

I disagree Shanks. I dont purchase consoles for exclusive games. If they have them great, if not its cool. Sometimes something as small as a controller preference will push me to buy something. I could care less if a PC gamer can play gears or PS3 gamers can play ME. I think gamers should be able to enjoy the same games i was able to enjoy. Not everyone can own all the consoles like some of us. So if a game goes MP then so be it. I dont wear the tinfoil hats and think its the end of the world because someone gets to enjoy Geow on the PS3 or MGS4 on an xbox.

limewax2983d ago

Yes, after turning down FFXIV, and FFXIII selling more on PS3, SE are going to sign the FF franchise over as an exlusive for 360....along with the exclusive to PS3 title FFXIII Versus.

See that top quote alone in the comments section just shows theres no reason in giving this hits

Scary692983d ago

I read somewhere in N4G that supposedly MS has already stated they will not be working on another system. I believe this is where the claims came from.

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Sez 2983d ago

Only thing I care about the xbox720 having is B/C. I refuse to rebuy games I already own. Which is a reason I don't support HD remakes. Give me B/C and a standard HDD.

Archdemon2983d ago

...Is that the 720 doesn't have overheating issues or RROD.

I would have bought the 360 if it was stable. And don't give me that "It has reduced to under 10%" BS. If it's still there I'm not interested.

gamerdude1322983d ago

I'm not trying to get anyone mad, but you just said, "And don't give me that "It has reduced to under 10%" BS. If it's still there I'm not interested."

In all honesty, doesn't the same apply to the YLoD? Oh, I guess I shouldn't get that PS3 now because it has even a fraction of failure rate!

Not. I'm so wanting that PS3.

cyborg2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

no plans for a future Xbox console and hence there's no expectations as no console= no expectations

gameseveryday2983d ago

So you mean to say Microsoft will never make another Xbox? The article states and expects what the Xbox 3 should be like. And as with games, an article on what a future console can also make sense. As its "What To Expect From Xbox 720"...not what "will be there in Xbox 720". So your comment does not make any sense my friend.

cyborg2983d ago

that's what I meant, well atleast that's what Microsoft's man Steve Mcgill meant

"We’ve no plans for another Xbox. You’ll continue to see us bring amazing new experiences to the console, without you having to buy a brand new console. A couple of years ago we didn’t have movies, Sky, Facebook and Twitter – now we’ve got things like Kinect.

We’ll continue to evolve those gaming and entertainment experiences through the power of software updates, rather than new chipsets and plastic."

They might make some changes to the current console but seems like we won't be seeing a console named Xbox 720 from MS ever

fei-hung2983d ago

Maybe they meant no immidiate plans for a future successor to the 360. I dont think they will drop out all together like the Dreamcast did unless they are forced by investors.

catguykyou2983d ago

The 360 is doing too well in America for them to drop out. If they were a non-US company I could imagine them being pressured to drop out like the Dreamcast/ Sega did but I doubt they will. There will be a new console. My guess is it wont be called the Xbox anymore though.

bailoutbenny2983d ago

Microsoft has been losing money every quarter since the original Xbox. The profits they have been posting are financial accounting tricks shuffling losses around to different divisions in different quarters to make other divisions seem profitable. The investors wanted Microsoft to quit after the first Xbox fiasco but Ballmer pushed ahead and gave Bach more rope with which to hang himself with. The stock has been stagnant for a decade. Microsoft has been surpassed by Apple for market cap. MS has the highest R&D dollars spent out of any tech company on the planet with almost nothing to show for it. The investors are sick of losing money to E&D, it's a huge black hole. They want to spin it off and focus on the core business. I wouldn't be surprised if MS did bow out. I think Ballmer should be forced out.

halocursed2983d ago

I'd really like to see how OnLive does in the coming years which will really make MS and Sony think about it...

Dark_king2983d ago

OnLive can't compete with the PS3.On top of everything we have seen the PS3 do,it can actually run just like OnLive.With one major difference,the ps3 can still process graphics and data to relive the stress of having all the data processed online.Nothing yet has done this but sooner or later something will.

Motion2983d ago

Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but it seems as if you don't really understand what OnLive is. Now while I don't think OnLive will take over anything in the near or even distant future, you're reasoning/entire comment makes little sense.

Overmind4202983d ago

The Wii proved that you don't need cutting edge graphics to make people fanatically buy your product for years on end. Kinect will extend the life of the Xbox 360 for at least another 4-5 years. We won't see true next gen consoles for a while.

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