Xbox LIVE Launch Party in South Africa. Finally | GameState

"Kinect & LIVE Official Launch Party up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Yvette van Rooyen from Kinect tells us about getting Xbox to South Africa and Robin Burrows from Xbox LIVE tells us what Xbox LIVE have to offer uniquely to the South African Consumer." - GameState

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PS3Blog2987d ago

Yeah no more hacking of UK accounts to play online :) But then again PSN is free :P

*ducks for cover*

CTU-Almeida2987d ago Show
FACTUAL evidence2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yes, SA will have a unique high price for XBL.

vrylstminute2987d ago

Can I just point out that the target market for xbox is largely defined by young people, many of which are guys. Guys who would run a mile away when faced with that first M$ ZA rep. How do they not think these things through? ><

granthinds2987d ago

Disagree! I often get into a lobby where at least half the players are women! And this playing Halo and CoD.

vrylstminute2987d ago

Words such as 'many' and 'largely' mean nothing to you, do they?! I bite my thumb at you sir!

WobblyOnion2987d ago

It's all very well finally getting Live - but when it's such a gimped service, it's a slap in the face. A week in, and there are only 3 XBLA games available. Disgraceful!

granthinds2987d ago

It is difficult moving over from such a vibrant, media packed community into a dark, empty house but remember: It'll change. It won't be like this for long and at least we can buy stuff online with our local accounts! :D

WobblyOnion2987d ago

The bonus kick in the nads is that of the 9 territories that recently got Live, only south Africa and Brazil got the short end of the stick. Poland, for example, has nearly two thousand entries in the XBLA section. South Africa has 3. THREE.

They've said it'll populate over time, but honestly...from the launch which had two arcade games, there's now three. One game in a week? Pathetic!

The_Gamer2987d ago

Wish I could have been there. Looked awesome!

granthinds2987d ago

It does! How's that girl with the violen! :P

MajestieBeast2987d ago

Bet the south africa division office is the size of a broom closet. Also coming exclusively to kinect in south africa vuvuzela central.

granthinds2987d ago

Hahahaha! Vuvuzela peripheral FTW! And ye, at the moment, the office is pretty small. Here's hoping it grows! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.