Gran Turismo 5 HD-Screens shows Damage Models

Here are some HD Screenshots from Damage Models in Gran Turismo 5

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nix2987d ago

the devs themselves have being saying that the car company DO NOT want their cars to be totaled!!! the CAR HAS TO RUN NO MATTER WHAT!

visualb2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

no one cares what car companies holding the legal rights to the names of the cars say

if PD didn't do it, its their fault and thus, they suck ass.

5 years, 5 years is enough time to convince car manufacturers to allow totaling, no excuse, 5 years! 20 delays!! 70 dollars! sarcasm!! sarcasm I say!!!


OT: i've seen these, looks good. will have damage switched on whenever I can =)

thor2987d ago

I actually don't think this is a very credible excuse. Certainly the damage could be a LOT better than it is without changing any agreements - after you crash at 100+ mph it could at least slow your car down and affect it with maximum visual damage. At the moment you have to crash about 10 times at top speed before you see much damage.

I also think if PD had an amazing damage model it wouldn't be too hard for them to get at least some of the manufacturers on board. Manufacturers have their cars smashed up in actual races all the time, after all.

raztad2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I'm guessing there is level of damage depending on the mode you are playing. NOBODY has shown yet nothing more than Arcade mode footage. Arcade, as the name implies, has very few damage and physics totally dumbed down.

I expect a more fledged damage system in PRO and EXTREME. YET I dont agree damage is the ultimate goal of GT. Driving physics is. As soon as Forza came up with a pre canned (burnout style) damage, it became the "holy grail" of racing sim for some reason.

People that care that much about damage should just pick NFS:HP, game has got nice visuals and it is built around damage/collisions.

People interested in amazing driving physics will be at home with GT5.

bnaked2987d ago

yes, pics are really old..

Johnny-GS2987d ago

damage models look great! The game would be bad without them... just take a look at this picture:

hay2987d ago

I hope for ultra realistic setting when one crash can break your car and f*ck up your chance to drive any further.

ryuzu2987d ago

Why not just stop the race for yourself if you crash that hard?

For me there are only 3 levels of damage representation required visually - no damge, some damage, heavy damage.

The only reason I want those is so that when I'm overtaking someone online, I know whether they're having car handling problems or not.

The only reason for damage modelling otherwise is to provide a performance penalty for those who damage their car. But completely wrecking the car is simply a DNF for bad driving - you can place that restriction on yourself by simply stopping/leaving the race.


thor2987d ago

I don't like doing this. Setting yourself personal challenges during a race... it's just not very fun. There's a reason people whine about (lack of) trophies in some games - yes they could set themselves personal challenges like "race a perfect 24h race (without once hitting the side)" but there's no incentive there unlike with trophies. It's the same thing with damage - yes you can pretend that you fail each time you hit the wall and restart, but there's no incentive.

Then add in online races where nobody's going to give up a race because they hit the side, and those super-tough single-player races where you're going to rather complete the race than worry about not hitting the sides, and the incentive is there NOT to worry when you hit the sides, and instead use the sides as a pinball bumper on those really sharp turns.

hay2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

@ryuzu: Usually I play hardest diff levels and in some games one major mistake results in restart from checkpoint, save point or race.
Mechanical setting which would literally destroy the car mobility in major crash isn't that hard to implement. I don't need ultra realistic visual damage model.

Restarting on your own when you crashed, but could easily win the race if not, doesn't feel right. Like a wasted opportunity.

And like thor said. It could be awesome competition online only for pros. No one will leave 'cause they crashed and if so, you could get penalized for running away...

Dark_king2987d ago

If you smash into the wall online with me you better just quit because you are not catching back up.1 good hit to the wall is all it takes to never catch up.


I'd just go in reverse and crash into you head-on. What goes around comes around. BOOM!

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RedDead2987d ago

Yea but from the vids we've seen so far it probably needs about 5 crashes to get that damaged

ryuzu2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

There have been a few vids on YT now - those AFAIK are all from the Arcade mode.

I think it's been known for some time that the damage modelling (both visual and mechnical) was variable depending on the chosen settings just like the physics model.

Although I doubt GT5 includes extreme accuracy in damage - it's just not PD's ethos to have the cars be destroyed and undrivable.


RedDead2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Yeah I don't really mind about it, I would Like it to be sensitive but I don't care about it really.

Trizard2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

There's no damage there beside a missing door, which isn't really what I was looking for when I want damage models.


this game needs to kick ass or somebodys ass will be kicked!

Sackdude2987d ago

These pics are a year old...

Bass_fisherman2987d ago

But they still look amazing :O

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