Movember Special: The best 'taches in gaming

GGG: We're all big fans of Movember here at GGG. In addition to raising awareness of men's health issues, it allows unmanly types (like us) to proudly wear our peach-fuzz free of discrimination.

On any other month of the year, our pathetic attempts to grow a moustache would be mercilessly abused and ridiculed. But on November 1st, our scratchy efforts become heroic.

This year, Rockstar Games was an official sponsor of Movember -- which just about justifies the furry feature before you. Rest assured, we've left no whisker unturned in our mission to bring you the best mos that gaming has to offer.

It's the list we had to have.

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grumpysmurf2984d ago

There can only be one: Haggar from Final Fight.

Penno2984d ago

I was disappointed by the lack of lip fur in Black Ops. Surely they could have stuck some Price-style muttonchops on *someone*?