Grumpy Gurevitz: Franchise of Duty

Grumpy Gurevitz writes: Have you carried out your duty and bought CoD: Black Ops? I ask as it seems that as gamers, and as consumers, we are now expected by everyone, from Activision Blizzard to the world’s media, to go and automatically purchase the latest game. So I ask again, have you gone, taken out a pre-order or filed into your local supermarket and bought it on impulse with the sense that it’s what is expected of you? Do you feel you won’t be able to look other serious gamers in the eye knowing you don’t have the latest version of the FPS bible?

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Jim Crikey2983d ago

I think Black Ops is a lesson that we should all stop automatically buying the new Call of Duty. Mind you, I thought that about World at War...

Jockie2983d ago

It's kind of weird that a fairly mediocre game is looking set to become perhaps the best-selling game of all time.

I kind of like Stevens idea for the mp yearly fee isntead of paying £40 each time, but Activision aren't likely to go down a road like that while they're making such a killing.

Cubes2983d ago

Although great games in their own right, I think the Battlefield series beats the COD franchise hands down. I've played Bad Company 2 a lot more than Modern Warfare 2 these last few months. I just feel that there are far too many campers, cheats and downright rude kids playing COD online. I actually preferred playing Spec Ops to the multiplayer in MW2. That's not to say I won't be getting Black Ops, it's already been purchased as a Xmas present. I just think they need to step up their game, or they run the risk of gradually losing their fanbase like what happened to FIFA when it stagnated.

KrazyFace2983d ago

I can't really comment coz I don't buy into the franchise! But hey, good luck with it Trey-Ward!!!