Propaganda: Killzone 2 Demo to clash with Halo 3?

XBoxer's David Halse claims that Game Reactor (a Scandinavian video gaming magazine) has learned from Guerrilla Games (Killzone developer) that a Killzone 2 Demo will be released shortly to coincide with Halo 3's release. Sony intends to crash Halo 3's launch party and steal Microsoft's thunder. Of course, Sony's plan could backfire and run the risk of Killzone being buried by Halo, again.

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Meus Renaissance4154d ago

I don't believe it. But if it was true, then great news. The PS3 is starving for some positive media. Let's just hope the game actually plays well, as that is the big concern. It looks great, and if it plays great, it could potentially become one of the most potent FPS ever created

ktchong4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

I will be surprise if Sony does not try to pull some stunt just to try to pour rain on Microsoft's party.

Remember how Sony deliberately scheduled private Killzone 2 demos right after Microsoft's E3 keynote, knowing full well that Microsoft would showcase Halo 3 at the presentation? This is exactly how Sony behaves. It fits Sony's behavioral pattern and track record perfectly.

Meus Renaissance4154d ago

A bit like what Microsoft did when Sony launched in Europe? Remember that boat and its massive banner.."MS loves you" lool.

LSDARBY4154d ago

Do you remember MS at the french PS3 launch.

ktchong4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

A fair payback for Sony trying (and failing) to crash/kill Halo 2's launch with Killzone.

trane074154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

Why are you so defensive of MS or the halo series? and you say "given sonys typical hubris" but fail to point out big mess MS made at sony's euro launch. Smells like a one-sided fanboy in my opinion.

A fair payback for halo 2? Sony didn't need to crash halo 2 beacause the ps2 was alredy crashing the xbox and not 4 months after halo 2, gta san andreas was released.

Do you hear the way you sound about now? And what damage will a demo do to a game? *eyeroll*

xaphanze4154d ago

Business is business,and there's no respect in business.

Evil0Angel4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

if this true 360 owners will sell their 360 and go buy ps3 just to play this DEMO!!!!! sony is not dump enough to make all the effort and work been put in KZ2 to be lost in HALO3 hype.However this move could stop ps3 owners (e.g nasim/larry007/mohib) from crying since there will not be any true AAA in PS3 FOR A WHILE
even KZ2 the full game will not make diffrence if it relased day and date with HALO3
gaming industry will be busy about the recored sale halo will genrate and how halo will take the gaming industry again in bar with the movie industry in term of sales
HALO3 will own and pown every thing in it will conqure the gaming industry
relase GT5 demo/KZ2 demo/MGS4 demo/LPB demo all day and date with HALO3 and i will not give [email protected]@ about em even though i am waiting for each one of em

they say counter HALO heh ...better keep the way clear for the CHAMP

stunt2134154d ago

Sony Typical Hubris? Microsoft is the one who keep trying to take spotlight from ps3. Example: releasing xbox 360 year earlier to take spotlight from ps3 even thought its not ready and have gazillion problems and until they finally realized that it need at least 3 years warranty.

CaptainMeatwad4154d ago

Its a RUMOR about a ****ing DEMO being released near the same time Halo 3 is being released, and you've actually turned it into a Microsoft vs. Sony argument?!

I feel like vomiting all over you people, mainly the fanboy who's saying "Sony intends to crash Halo 3's launch party and steal Microsoft's thunder." ****ing ridiculous.

Lifendz4154d ago

It's a flipping demo. And KZ2 has a nice little bit of buzz around it whether you plan on getting the game or not. How many negative threads are created about the game by Lems and Sheep. It's on everyone's mind. Now it will not be a Halo killer because Halo is a juggernaut BUT it could well be that game that garners enough buzz to get Sony in a good position for the holiday season. What Sony really needs is a God of War III. That, more than Killzone, would be teh "halo killer."

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Boink4154d ago

any company with any brains whatsoever would not go near halo 3, it will overshadow everthing.

killzone looks great, but if this is true, then crysis and killzone are making BAD marketing errors...

Meus Renaissance4154d ago

But we've already seen Halo 3. We know what to expect, so does the media. The only change will be that people will be playing it. However, if KZ2 was released..then it would get the attention of atleast the industry yet obviously not 360 owners. If it is pleasing to those professional game sites, then imagine the buzz it would generate.

Website pages, like 1up, that is filled with Halo 3 might actually be taken over by those bright orange goggles lol. I'm just saying.

MarioFromTexas4154d ago

2 of the so call best by xbots but couldn't even move more than 30 million units and then only a 1/4 of xbots bought halo1 and halo2. Sony doen't need to compete against Halo, that's foolish to think Halo3 is going to still any sells from Sony. there is 130 million PS2 and still selling with out Halo and there is 0 xbox1 sells each month with halo1 and Halo2. Sony needs to be Sony to win, bring games that no ones else can create, bring AAA games to every type of gamers, bring SOCOM4 and let's see what game will be played online more Socom or Halo....Oh I forgot Socom whipped the hell out of Halo and counterstrike combine in online players. Halo3 king only on 360, PS3 it's just another average game....console sells don't lie PS2 130 million , xbox1 30million....who needs better games M$ or Sony? Who creates the best games M$ or Sony? Who's been dominating for the last 15 years M$ or Sony?

radzy4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

BRING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

ALMIGHTYPS34154d ago


Alvadr4154d ago

Actually the "Company with brains" would not sit idly buy and watch a rival company like MS gain all the media attention for a few weeks during the Halo release.

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LSDARBY4154d ago

Well it would be great for PS3 owners, wouldnt bother most 360 owners but if it plays better and looks alot better them Halo then it may make certain 360 owners angry

solidt124154d ago

Dude we already know it looks better. We saw that a E3 when the Killzone 2 trailer was shown. Killzone 2 will be a great comeback from the first one which was Average. The PSP Killzone Liberation has alread out done the original PS2 game So I know Killzone 2 will be great. Killzone Liberation on the PSP is my favorite along MGS portable ops.

fopums4154d ago

the PS3 user base would go crazy if this was true, as well as a lot of media outlets becuase it would be a pretty bold move by SONY.

and yeah MS is just as guilty of this kind of marketing so "petty SONY tactics" isnt getting any pity points from me.

but Man I hope this is true....

spikormikor134154d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony did this... But how would a Killzone 2 demo affect Halo 3?

TheBigL053R4154d ago

It wouldn't.

Halo 3 already has 1.5 Million pre-orders. Remember, the big retailers don't take pre-orders (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc.)

Halo will, without a doubt, break 2 million sales, first day. Hell, maybe even 2.5

doshey4154d ago

because if the gameplay is good then it may just be as good or even better than halo

doshey4154d ago

with an increase of broken down 360

trane074154d ago

It simply sounds like a damn fanboy who is just blowing this out of proportion.

"Sony is releasing killzone 2 demo on halo3 ITZ A CONSPIRACIEZZZZ!!!!"

What the hell is a damn demo going to hurt compared to a game. Can't people think with their brain for once??

reaferfore204154d ago

You would be able to compare the two games sooner than we thought. That is all.

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