Gran Turismo 5's Car List: 10 Glaring Omissions

NowGamer: It may have 1,031 cars but Gran Turismo 5 is still missing a few, obvious, automobiles. Here we list the most obvious omissions and wonder if Polyphony has plans to release GT5 DLC car packs soon…

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morganfell2984d ago

These people are going to be relentless between now and Christmas. More proof of how scared they are of GT5.

And more evidence that PS3 titles are consistently held to a higher standard than those on any other platform.

ryuzu2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

It does seem strange. I mean GT5 has got cars from various manufacturers covering all kinds of car activities - rallying, road racing to shopping or fording a river...

I understand people might want their own car to be modelled in the game or have a personal dream car etc, but there is no reason for someone to provide a list of cars since GT5 has something very similar already in it. I know that just from looking through the car list.

Some examples - they want two cars (Mercedes and Model T) from over 100 years ago. I can't really think of anything more than a one time novelty that you'd bother with using these two. I imagine they'd be so slow I wouldn't get to the first corner before changing cars lol. So why ask PD to waste the (considerable) time & space on these.

They moan about the lack of the Top Gear "Reasonably priced" car (Kia C'eed for example)- presumably for going round the Top Gear track. Yet there are several equivalent cars for this purpose, and given that is a somewhat dull type of car, I don't see anyone missing it for any other reason.

Well anyway that's enough - it's got the most comprehensive list of cars anywhere, I don't see why that isn't enough...


rrw2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

i have feeling that they will released Top gear DLC pack with reasonably price car, The Power Board (Koenigsegg, Bugatti Veyron SS, etc), and Stig cousins

other DLC probably historic car like Benz Patent-Motorwagen and Model T Ford

Feckles2984d ago

What's the point of having the Top Gear test track if you can't test your skills against the celebrities/F1 drivers in the exact same cars?

'Similar' cars just don't cut it for me.

There had better be a Top Gear DLC pack soon.

hay2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

@ryuzu: In short: People are judging the game they never played for what it isn't instead for what it is. That's just plain dumb.
GT5 will get DLC, tons of it, which means more cars and features. Whiners can get their little cars after all. But it's better to b!tch. It's even dumber.

ryuzu2984d ago


So you'd rather have the Kia C'eed in the game, than say, Red Bull F1, or an additional Ferrari etc.

That's the choice - personally I think we have enough shopping cars as is. If I want to drive a Kia C'eed I'll just buy one for real lol. Can't do the same with a supercar.


RedDead2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

What the current reasonably priced car isn't in it? Why the hell not?
Feckles said it, what is the point in trying to beat the stig and celebrities if you have even a slightly better or worse car?

[email protected] is that the choice? They could take out one of the cars that ""Yet there are several equivalent cars for this purpose"" Why would another ferrari be the choice?

Raf1k12984d ago

Feckles does have a point IMO and I was thinking the same thing. Not having one of Top Gear's reasonably priced cars with the track is odd and TBH the only thing in this list that is worth whining about.

Dee_912984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

im sure everybody can think of cars they want to be in the game

dead_eye2984d ago

I don't want to beat a celeb in a reasonably priced car. I want to beat THE STIG in a supercar.

ryuzu2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

@Red Dead

It's a choice because each car takes so long for PD to model to premium standard.

It doesn't matter what car it is, it still takes about 6 months for them and that assumes they can get access and licensing for the car in the first place.

So, given it takes 6 months and let's say they have the manpower to do 3 simultaneously (for a DLC pack - I guess the majority of the team are moving on to GT6 now).

What 3 additional cars would you rather have in 6 months - C'eed, Swift and Lianna or Gumpert, Ascari and full Veyron or Koenigsegg?

That's the choice - there is only so much time for PD to do things to the level they do them. It sucks, but that's why they're the best.

Oh, and the "equivalent cars" I referred to are one with previously existing assets (models) from other places so they didn't consume much time.


Anon19742984d ago

I'm still rather surprised that even with over 1000 cars in this game, people still are finding something to complain about. Considering the next best racer only has about 400, 1000 is nothing to sneeze at. Do you remember all outrage when Forza 3 was released because of the cars it didn't include? Oh, that's right. Nobody wrote articles about that. Odd...

RedDead2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Why does it have to be primium? I would prefare if they could just make the car handle as close as possible to real life, the modeling doesn't matter and damage again doesn't matter, I just want to race the real celebs times as close as possible to the real thing. By the car being acurate to it's real life counterpart (performance wise)

Chubear2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Ah well, we knew the anti-viral marketing was going ramp up harder for GT5 release at some point. Let's hope people aren't as dumb as they were back in 2007.

They've even started ramping up for KZ3 too. Sad.

Venatus-Deus2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Just in the interests of fairness because Darkride makes some good points...

Full car list from Forza 3:

I only count 2 cars on the Nowgamer list and even then GT5 has RUF.

Shame Forza makes over 600 glaring omissions from my list.

2984d ago
Feckles2984d ago

To ryuzu,

Why can't I have both?

Venatus-Deus2984d ago

Your last 6 comments over the past 3 days have all been bashing this game in different articles.

The only problem you have with this game is platform related.

There is not point in continuing...

DelbertGrady2984d ago

It compensates the omission of Koenigsegg and Porsche with 1 million Corollas and Skylines.

Exquisik2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I'd rather drive the two rare cars that can not be driven in any other games or in real life for that matter, Citroen GT and Red Bull X1, than driving any other cars that are on all other racing games.

Although I would love to see some of these cars in my GT5 Garage in the near future:
Koenigsegg CCX
Transtar Dagger GT
SSC Ultimate Aero
Porsche Carrera GT
McLaren MP4
Ascari A10
Aston Martin One-77

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Cenobia2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Personally, I am boycotting GT5 because it doesn't include my first car.


0 to 100 in 3 minutes flat

Akagi2984d ago

Yeah, well, my truck isn't even in it either! It's an icon!

zeddy2984d ago

this is nothing that cant be fixed with a future dlc package.

Perjoss2984d ago

"And more evidence that PS3 titles are consistently held to a higher standard than those on any other platform apart from PC. "

I fixed it for you.

Odin7772984d ago

No one cares about PC games here, unfortunately.

Perjoss2984d ago

"No one cares about PC games here, unfortunately."

Isn't that convenient. Still does not change the fact that PC is still the most advanced gaming platform by far.

juggulator2984d ago

Was that a joke? I don't see PD making GT5 for PC and I won't have to go into any settings to make GT5 look good. Nor do I have to buy the latest GPU from nVidia or ATI to play it and it'll still be one of the best looking games ever created. The PC is kinda overrated when it comes to gaming.

Perjoss2984d ago


sorry, but you are wrong

visualb2984d ago

is the same as to bring up a console in a Starcraft II / World of Warcraft / Crysis 1 article

why?! why why why other than to troll and prance around with your PC elitism

who cares, get over yourself and your PC

same goes for those who go around prancing consoles in PC articles

both are awesome.

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Strikepackage Bravo2984d ago

is missing as well, and that car is a rolling orgasm, Im not a fan of most of you, but for your loyalty, you deserve better from Poly.

CTU-Almeida2984d ago Show
naruto girl2984d ago

GT5 granted it doesn't look any better than DIRT 2 but given the depth and breadth of GT gameplay it's still amazing. just look at the physics modeling. the tires and suspension moved independently. DIRT 2 also have that but GT has street, rally, circuit, and lots of cars. it's amazing in it's own right.

monkpunk12984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I did think that the reasonably priced cars would be in, but i'm sure they will come in dlc form in the future. and since i dont pay for online or playstation plus i can save up for them.

The porka thing has been raging on for years between sony and porsche do you ever remember porsche boxster challenge ps1? it goes on from then i think.

koenninninnninggnggiiiggsseee g well i did expect to see them in there but again i'm pretty sure that DLC will be on the cards, dont forget kaz has to test drive these cars before they get included so....

apart from that i have plenty to get on with 205 gti, renault 5 gt turbo, escort cossie, they are my favorite types of cars. its all well and good blitzing down a track in a lambo but give me the grit and technical driving of the smaller bhp cars for pure kicks. plus i know more about those and what works best during tuning..


Immortal3212984d ago

just as long as gt5 have the pagani zonda type r, I'm straight.

otherZinc2984d ago

No Koenigsegg or Porsche huh?!
That's not good.

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sinncross2984d ago

I think the reasonably priced cars from Top Gear could be a nice addition. Sure, they're weak to what else we're getting but it would be nice to complete the 'Top Gear experience'

Raf1k12984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I think there's more to it that just the 'Top Gear experience'.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of Top Gear fans would love a GT5 Top Gear leaderboard where you drive around in a reasonably priced car and your time is automatically uploaded to an online list for everyone to see and try to beat.

Dnied2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Yea that'd be what I want..

I want the leaderboard from top gear and race against all the celebrity times (I wanna pwn Simon Cowell or chef ramsey :D) lol + have the stig leaderboard as well

Anyway, that isn't something that can't be added, and it doesnt make it any less of a beast without that stuff so w/e

Feckles2984d ago

That's not NowGamer, dude, it's X360 magazine. they're a different – single format – magazine/site/crowd.

It even displays the link on the N4G page.

velocitygamer2984d ago

Whining about Porsche? What is RUF then????

ngecenk2984d ago

revolutionary united front. an ongoing rebel in sierra leone using kids as front man.
yes... we have that on gt5.

this article made by someone ignorant who dont want to google further a little bit.

CoryHG2984d ago

For me? The 2010 and 2011 Mustang v8 and v6, especially 2011. Not to mention Dodge has no Nascar input. What about Kurt Busch? We don't need 90 skyline trims.

CoryHG2984d ago

Also not to mention they got 02 and 03 Honda Accords, what about the faster 07 and 08?

swishersweets200312984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

omg GT 5 didnt make me breakfast, lets write a article about it.