Job ad drops new info on upcoming Call of Duty

A job listing for a Gameplay Engineer at Sledgehammer Games has revealed that the studio's upcoming Call of Duty title will feature "intense moment to moment action" and bring "player immersion to a new level".

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v0rt3x2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

How is this news worthy?

To me this reads two letters, and two letters only: PR

There's no 'new info' on the game whatsoever.'s 'intense?'...I'm flattered.

Bad article by

Commander_TK2986d ago

was the last COD I bought, so I guess we'll have to wait and c for this one.

ChrisPriestman2986d ago

...what I was thinking. I mean what do you expect them to say when looking for a gameplay engineer? And as far as I can remember all of the titles in the CoD series have been described as intense moment to moment action" and "player immersion to a new level". This is not news on the game at all, you have posted a job position and generated a little heat because N4G is like that.

jashmister2986d ago

Its a surprise we are getting a new call of duty game next year? i thought we all knew this was happening already...

CTU-Almeida2986d ago

Gears 3, Dead Space 2, new COD, Brink ...

Commander_TK2986d ago

play shooters? I'm just asking

RedDead2986d ago

What else is coming out on 360 next year?

Huarle2986d ago

So a FPS is about action and player immersion?
I'm glad someone explained that to me - I just would not have known

bjh0892986d ago

i wonder how much better cod would be if they didnt release a new one every year?

DeathMetal2985d ago

fot the love of GOD die COD just die