Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Secrets/Unlockables Guide There are a ton of secrets that can be found during Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Use the guide below to never miss one!

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austin1282990d ago

No, it's the Hellequin, so the girl version.

bakagaijin782990d ago

That's what I thought, but don't have the pre-order bonus one, so I wasn't sure. :)

Lirky2990d ago

So if u dont pre-order the harlequin u can unlock thru Uplay and 1 token thats the only cheat im leaking because i think pre-order bonus' are not fair sometimes. So thats good u can unlock the harlequin still.

young juice2990d ago

i pre-ordered from amazon and got a $15 credit and this badass looking armor.

bakagaijin782990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Yeah, I noticed the harlequin in U-Play. I have 40 points just sitting on my Uplay account waiting to be used, so I'll be grabbing it as soon as I load up the game. :)

Is it really the same one you would get for pre-ordering, or is it a bit different?