First two VGA announcements tomorrow, "BioWare fans pay attention"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Geoff Keighley has stated that Spike TV are to reveal the first two world premieres set for the Video Game Awards tomorrow.

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Megaton2987d ago

*crosses fingers for Mass Effect 3 teaser*

MisterNiwa2987d ago

Friggen Multiplatform Release plx!

perfectCarbonara2987d ago

Mass Effect is now a multiplatform game so, yeah. More than it already was of course.

Charmers2987d ago

Mass Effect has always been a multiplatform release, the first one was only exclusive to the 360 for less than 6 months. After that it went multiplatform and was available on the PC and 360.

I would be surprised if this announcement has anything to do with ME 3 though. I really can't see them wanting to announce anything ME 3 related till they get the PS3 version of ME 2 out the door.

Blacktric2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

It's Mass Effect 3 and there is no doubt about it. I've waited enough goddamit. And hopefully, they release it on all platforms at the same time.

Edit: KOTOR 3 would also do but I highly doubt it since an MMO of the universe is on the way (look what happened to the Warcraft).

jwk942987d ago

Crosses fingers for an Uncharted 3 announcement also.

Megaton2986d ago

That too. Uncharted 2 debuted there, so it's possible.

v0rt3x2987d ago

actually ME3 wouldn't be that much of a surprise.
It would be nice to hear about it - some info on it - but we all KNOW that they are working on it :P

v0rt3x2987d ago

actually - I think its too soon to talk about ME3.

Xusuyzus2987d ago

I will get 9000 disagrees, but Masseffect 2 is not that great,...I did not finish it,. It is a great game,.. but Jesus,..

v0rt3x2987d ago

I think the game is great, but it has some flaws that are quite serious for hardcore fans. (Boss...)

Mc Fadge2987d ago

"Masseffect 2 is not that great"
"It is a great game"

Make up your mind first?

frostypants2987d ago

ME2 is arguably the best story-driven game of all time.

VenomProject2986d ago

Metal Gear Solid says hello.

kratos1232987d ago

You sire maybe right they where teasing it a few months back

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The story is too old to be commented.