Sarcastic Gamer Podcast: Episode 6

In this episode they talked about:

* Sarcastic Gamer joins Gamercast Network!
* Shadowrun Song backlash
* Sarcastic Gamer News with Paul Christy
* Drew gets one minute of uninterrupted air time
* Drew's big headline!
* Lono's Wii Rant
* We discussed Rothbart's Rant about camera angles
* The Halo 3 Crush.... Out of control?
* Pre-orders are a ripoff!
* XBLA Marketplace Community Picture Pack
* Shadowrun Video Contest
* "How You Killed Your Brand" Parody Rewind
* Another long goodbye
* Martini time.... Victim=Lono

All of that and more in just 30 digestible minutes!

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GRAMPAGAMER4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

not like other podcasts where speakers talk about their cats pedicure, their drunken knight out at a game convention, or their bad acne for 30 minutes before they even get on topic. (or just giggle and grab-ass uncontrollably over the microphone)

but you also get more junk and jive than actual good game talk as the speakers usually gloss over topics and don't justify their opinions very well (like EGM's "it's just like that because I say so" mentality)

listened to it last night. some real good humor and comedy bits.

Ru4067d ago

You need to listen to the N4G podcast


the main dude's voice reminds me of Gomer Pyle from the old 60's military sitcom. but overall his delivery is good,..

with a voice that distinctive,.. dude could find work in next "The Hills have Eyes" or maybe a rob zombie flick called " The Devils Rejects 2".

and I seriously dont mean any disrespect by saying that.