Getting into the Zone

Resolution's Mike Yeoman tells the tale of one man’s ventures into the Shadow Of Chernobyl: It's near twilight in the Zone and I’m returning from a particularly tough mission. I’m heading towards the nearest trader to stock up on my woefully diminished supplies. What I really don’t need right now is any one of the multiple types of heinous trouble that the Zone can throw at your common run-of the mill stalker at any time. But of course, this is the Zone, where luck is almost as treasured as the precious artifacts, so it’s only a matter of time before I begin to hear a howling in the night. My binoculars confirm it – mutant dogs.

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pupa2984d ago

Arg, You just do not know how to play! Stalker it seems.

LennyRodders2984d ago

Yeah I thought that but then I realised there is a second page, and he explains that he actually got into it eventually and enjoyed S.T.A.L.K.E.R

CombineElite2982d ago

I was hooked on STALKER within the first 5 minutes of just walking around exploring and finding hidden items.

Some people didn't like Clear Sky but I enjoyed it, sure it had WAY more combat than the other two but STALKER is a FPS.