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BeefJack: "It’s so fast. It sounds simple, but it changes everything. Platinum have made an excellent shooter, then added a single feature that – even taking Vanquish’ flaws into account – still makes all other excellent shooters seem redundant on some level. Play anything else afterwards and you’ll be reaching for that left trigger, wondering why it’s not working."

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Game-ur2983d ago

Just finished this great game, rented it initially but bought it in the end, first game since Uncharted2 and GOW3 that made me replay it repeatedly.

AKS2982d ago

The replay value reminds me a lot of Mirror's Edge. I keep going back for more trying to cut a few seconds off of my time. It's weird, but Mirror's Edge and Vanquish appeal to the same part of my personality and tastes that lets me enjoy racing games like Gran Turismo.

People just playing to the end and quitting or using mostly slow paced duck and cover are missing out. There's an art to weaving through enemies and landing melee attacks. Vanquish is a really exciting and enjoyable game.

BTW, that junkpile thing freaked me out a bit, which seemed very odd for this type of game. You could see lots of Mikami's Resident Evil style in that nasty thing. I usually don't think of mechs as being creepy, but that thing definitely was.

MGRogue20172983d ago

It's an awesome game.. I'll buy it when it gets alot cheaper :)

Greek God2983d ago

if it gets down to 30Euros ill buy it

DigitalAnalog2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I wasn't able to buy ANY game for the past 2 months. I really hope they're still selling it here by next month.

-End statement

darkstaff2983d ago

Vanquish is without a doubt the best 3RD person shooter of the year I havnt had this much fun in one since uncharted 2 , not that they play in a similar manner mind u. Btw to all of the haters out there who said that this game is super easy if u just stick to cover , maybe its cause its not ment to be played as a cover shooter , I know that I for one get the most fun out of it when I'm zipping across the screen slowing time for kills or launching into an awesome melee attack ;p btw this actually my first post on n4g although I've actually followed the site for like a year now ;phope ur all having an awesome day ;p add me on psn neil21 ;D

darkstaff2983d ago

Ok let's just pretend I said something funny ,witty and charming and that u all totally love and adore me XD

Game-ur2982d ago

Hunting for Trophies is rely fun in this game, even if yor not going for platinum give it a try.

AKS2982d ago

I ignore most trophies and achievements (I'll usually just pick out a few that look interesting, such as the no weapons on hard trophies in Mirror's Edge), but I loved the way they were implemented in Vanquish.

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