Gran Turismo 5: It’s all been done before…only better!

Does anyone else out there yearn for the age of genuine racing game innovation?

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Chaostar2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

This is shameless damage control from x360magazine.

Nowhere have I heard anyone saying these features were new, they are missing the obvious point that no game has them ALL and at such a high level of quality.

Is the writer trying to convince his readers not to buy Gran Turismo... or himself?

Venatus-Deus2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

You think you have seen it all on N4G and then BOOM...

Shameless attempt for hits.

nix2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

WOW.. this article is totally lame..

wow he had to name 4 games to bring out the feature which GT5 alone is bringing out in ONE SINGLE GAME!

poor guy.

AND WHAT'S EVEN IRONIC IS... they gave 9.3/10 to COD:OP... even though it's rinse and repeat for the freaking last couple of years. MORON!

Narutone662987d ago

should be honest and write an article entitled "Halo 3, it's been done before, but only worse".

rroded2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

lol gt5 is about 2 hit n we al know its gonna take the ps3 over the top. So ya panic time for 360 diehards no games no sales no love maybe time ta jump ship eh.

DasBunker2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

srsly. this crap will continue until people stops paying attention to it.. but y'all sheep so that wont happen.. so easy to manipulate lmao... you moan about all this but still give the site hits way to go.

GT5 will be better than any driving sim. on consoles to date

/end rant.

raztad2986d ago

GT5 is closer, the fear is thickening, you can feel it.

gcolley2986d ago

haha - fear. YOU WILL FEAR THE PS3.

ShinMaster2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Forza will keep riding under GT's shadow.

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ryuzu2987d ago

Wow - that is an embarrassing article.

I think GT5 is going to be bigger than anyone expected - at least in terms of initial sales. Perhaps some of these publications are genuinely nervous that their readership will be reduced by people picking up PS3s for GT5.

Of course, there will also be a big backlash come December, January - GT5 is going to be an easy target for the "one more car" or "one more track" people.


Dirk Benedict2986d ago

there is no need for us to defend God Turismo 5 from the likes of

we already know GT5's wait has bared it's fruit. i told people this is a game changer. the angst toward GT5 from flopbox outlets, and competing game studios is laughable at the very best.
now let's train with some laps.

drink it down bots.

pixelsword2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Oh, let me taste your tears! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet!

(licks collective faces)

Forza was a great game, I can't deny that, and every game has it's bugs, so you don't have to waste your time posting them, but Forza gets cheapened when magazines like this tries to lower down a rival game without showing a game that's better. I would agree that another racing game was better than GT5 if they had PROOF, but they don't, so in the end they look petty and desperate for no logical reason.

cvflyboy2986d ago

Just got off gt planet and I have confirmation from the guy who been putting up pics and videos of GT5, and it looks like he doesn't have the the final copy of the game!!! so all the damage and and leaked game play is not from the final build... I REPEAT NOT FROM THE FINAL RETAIL BUILD... So all you you fake journalist talking mess of GT5 and XBOTS.... all your opinions are based on a preview copy of GT5.... He only got yo level 17 and was shown the the end credits.... GT1 isn't even that short... FOLLOW THE LINK, read and continue to the next page (his name is RDK)

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IRetrouk2987d ago

butthurt 360 mag that didnt even mention forza 3, i wounder why, could it be because forza offers nothing compared to gt5? or the simple fact that this will be the best racer around, also its gona sell a megaton.

coolcut1352987d ago

haha cant stop laughing at this article
has xbox sunk that low ?

Simon_Brezhnev2987d ago

i know right lmfao i seriously hope this does not get approved but it probably will.

rrw2987d ago

but it will be fun if this get approved I wonder what is reaction of xbox fan

gcolley2986d ago

the xbox fan will laugh at the sony defence force. seriously guys, how do you equate one guys opinion as if it came from MS themselves.

personally i know it will be a great game graphically but will do very little new. the game will not be a sim as every idiot sony fanboy claims, it will be the same as all the rest so called sims (half arcade/half sim) and it will be awesome at it. if it was a sim, most would not enjoy it.

but come on, it is not the ten commandments... it's just a damn game. quit it with the worship

jack_burt0n2987d ago

delicious, almost as good as mass effect 2 tears hmmmmmm.

yewles12986d ago

*dines with jack_burt0n *

disturbing_flame2987d ago

Ok, then GT5 do the same job as 10 games, and you wonder why it can be a great game ?

Srsly ?

LastDance2987d ago

no other game touches GT series. Please dont compare them

disturbing_flame2987d ago

I mean as 10 games reunited. ;)

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