New Games for Windows - LIVE Client Plans for the Future

Microsoft launched their newly redesigned Games for Windows – LIVE client yesterday, and now finally gamers throughout the UK can access the Marketplace service and purchase new games directly. While the new features appear to be thin on the ground at present, much like the recent launch of Windows Phone 7 and relaunch of the Xbox 360’s dashboard services and official website, there’s much more to come as all of Microsoft’s gaming services look towards a convergence.

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jaredhart2989d ago

About time people in the UK get this!

Charmers2989d ago

"LIVE has the potential to become a part of Microsoft’s recently launched Gaming Hub"

Yeah erm good luck with that Microsoft, you might have to wait a bit for PC gamers to finish laughing at the ridiculous prices on your revamped store that has somehow managed to incorporate the most clunky browsing interface I have ever come across.

So far from what I have seen most PC gamers are not so much "unimpressed" they are really impressed, what impresses them so much is how a company like MS can continually get things so WRONG on the PC platform that MS owes their very existence too.