Microsoft testing enhanced Xbox 360 controller AND motion-sensor controller

In a presentation at the Gamefest event in Seattle, Microsoft's product unit manager for hardware Robert S. Walker made some comments suggesting that the company may release a new optional "advanced" version of the Xbox 360 controller in the future.

He even confirmed Microsoft have made motion sensor controller prototypes.

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Shadow Flare5383d ago

"He even confirmed Microsoft have made motion sensor controller prototypes"

And now microsoft is scraping into the whole motion sensing scene, even after Bill Gates and cronies said the motion sensing controllers were a gimmick

Microsoft is ridiculous

I don't think i need to say anymore

specialguest5383d ago

look what we have here! hahah now MS wants in on this motion sensing controller after basically saying it's worthless.

i can't wait to see what the MS fanboys have to say about this one. hahahaha

The great Me5383d ago

It may be useless as Gates has said, but that won't stop people from using it as a "my console is better than yours because..." argumemt. And that, I think, is why microsoft is adding it. And why not? No real loss, just another feature/gimmick, whatever your view is. But it does take away a bullet point from Sony's unique feature list. MS did it with the hi-def playback feature too. Just trying to get people to ask really what does the PS3 offer that the 360 doesn't.

kingboy5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

lol i guess we all copy hahahah!! if sony has one ,i`m having it has next gen format, oh i`m gettin hd dvd drive..

Aramis0015383d ago

Hmm, M$ has achievments, oh I'm getting "entitlements." Hmm, M$ has an online arcade, I better get one too! Hmm, Nintendo has a motion sensitive controller, me too!

Think before you post.

P.S. The Blu-ray drive and HD-DVD addon are entirely different and were announced at about the same time.

Asuka5383d ago

The 360 controller has a nice layout to it, but its nothing really new. So an upgraded controller would be cool!

Optimus Prime5383d ago (Edited 5383d ago )

i agree lance. the 360 controller would be more awsome with an upgrade. if they come out with a motion sensor controller, i aint buying, i am not gunna look like a complete dumb a$$ waving my arms around the room.

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The story is too old to be commented.