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bit-tech: ".... it has a number of highlights, but it frankly isn’t worth the price. We played every single one of the currently available games and were left with similar sentiments that, in our experience, most gamers now have of the Wii. It’s great to wheel out when you’re having a get together, but it’ll likely lay gathering dust for most of the time and the short term fascination that comes immediately after buying one isn’t really indicative of actual quality."

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The-Tentacle2987d ago

Honest and detailed. Looks like the actual tech and games websites can see right through Kinect.

Smootherkuzz2987d ago

My family have found it to be fun and a work out,it is not for the lazy.It will make you sweat.The price I think is fair with the tech that was used in the unit, which leaves you feeling that it could have been more but that would have increased the price at this time, so over all its already working over time in my house and can't get enough of it.

ryuzu2987d ago

Novelty games are like that - was similar with Wii Sports. For the first few days you can't imagine ever getting bored until, you just don't play it anymore.

Then, when the same mindless party games get released over and over you just don't bother buying them at all since you've done it all before.

5/10 is a low score though - sites should score it a bit higher to keep the resale values of used units up for a while. Otherwise the early adopters are going to be losing all of their $150.


Zeevious2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I've made similar comments here.

After having it for the last week or so, I'd say it deserves more of a 6-7 than a 5.

I see the same potential everyone else has commented on.

Ironically, it's that potential that has me leaning more toward just returning it, and buying it again when that potential is actually realized...and likely cheaper.

Right now...where is the Natal/Kinect I was promised at E3?

I paid $150 for it now. I want it now. Where is it now?