PlayStation 3: A Beneficial Purchase for Your Child?

Whether consumers are in the camp that believes that video games really do nothing but assist in turning your child's brain to mush or are of the belief that there's nothing wrong with a child playing video games, it's really quite interesting to see what studies have shown about children and playing video games.

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TheMART4068d ago

Strange, the thing the guy saying is for gaming in general. Don't know why he only talks about the PS3, but sounds like some covered commercial stuff.

Because this was already with the first computers and NES systems...

LOFT3164068d ago

mom and dad did'nt know this before they bought you your xbox mart you sucka

WAR_MACHINE774068d ago

I'm sure he kept saying PS3 because of the fact that no matter how you look at it Playstation has been the biggest name in gaming for the last 12 years and still the most commonly owned (not PS3 but Playstation brand products)

reaperxciv4068d ago

getting a nintendo ds for kids instead, plus brain age & brain age 2

Bordel_19004068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

It's wrong for some children to play console games. Just look what it did to TheMART.

AllroundGamer4068d ago

it happens probably with xbox only gamers, everytime playing Gears i had to mute multiple people because their behaviour was similar to TheMarts :D

Bloodmask4068d ago

You are correct. The trends the article implies can also relate to other games consoles such as Wii and 360.

Every paragraph stresses what "Video Games" can do not "What PS3 Games can do." They probably just use the name PS3 bc it is a popular brand.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4068d ago

Yeah your right, at the end of the first paragraph it says "....such as the Playstation 3"

Meaning it implies to more than one console.

Bordel_19004068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Yeah, the only reason he uses the PlayStation brand name is because 99.9% of all parents that have game consoles know what PlayStation is.

If you say Xbox to them they ask, "eh, what box?".

Xbox is the BEST4068d ago

to over. We'll try our hardest to beat them by making better games. Wait you'll see 2008 maybe.

xg-ei8ht4068d ago

There must be an xbox article, showing you how stupid you become playing the 360.

1)The sound of the 360 can drive you nuts!
2)The Red of death can make you Red with anger.
3)Left on for too long, the 360 can burn your house down.
4)Using a 360, won't be helping to cure cancer anytime soon.

Usefulness of the 360.

1)The scratched discs of the 360, can help you make money if your a wanna be disc jockey.

2)When the 360 dies, and you cry, it can cure blocked tear ducts.
3)In a cold climate, the 360 can keep you warm at night.

Just a bit of fun:)

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